Double D Excavating - Daryl Lowenberg Scammed Me

Posted on Thursday, April 19th, 2012 at 9:05pm CDT by 1c68a874

Product: Exterior Finish Project

Company: Double D Excavating

Location: Grenfell, Sa, CA

Category: Other

Consumer Awareness Alert

Double D Acres Daryl Lowenberg

Have you done work for Daryl Lowenberg of Double D Acres/Double D Excavating of Grenfell Saskatchewan?

Did you see the interview on W-5 regarding Daryl Lowenberg getting scammed by Caron Oderbien who took his house and moved it to Manitoba? Was Daryl Lowenberg simply an innocent victim in this matter or was he somehow involved in this scam?

Did Daryl Lowenberg build a larger new house on the same site?

Did you do any work for Daryl Lowenberg and his partner Brenda Arnold?

Did they change the specs in the original contract, to their benefit and then refused to pay the additional materials required to complete the job?

Did Lowenberg and Arnold refuse you access to their site to get the extra materials and equipment that you left on the site?

Did you get paid for the work you completed?

Did they try to scam you out of the money they owed you?

How long did it take for you to collect the money owed?

Did they pay you the full amount owing?

What trades did they pay who worked on their house?

Are Lowenberg and Arnold living in their new house yet?

We custom manufactured steel siding for the exterior of Double D Acres home, Daryl Lowenberg and Brenda Arnold in 2010, as per contract. We completed 95% of the job, and then asked for payment because we were alerted by others who knew how Lowenberg operated. They have refused to pay us for the siding, soffit and fascia we supplied and installed on their home. When we saw the program on W-5 about a swindler leaving a trail of broken hearts and empty wallets, which features Daryl Lowenberg, we wondered if he was simply an innocent victim or what his role was, in this fraud scheme with Caron Oderbien.

We are looking for anybody with information to assist us in this matter, to find out the true intentions of Daryl Lowenberg and how he and his current partner are attempting to defraud us of almost $40,000.00 that they owe us. If you are a victim of Daryl Lowenbergs scheme to defraud or have any information that can assist us in this matter, to expose the real truth or testify in court, in a collection action, please contact me directly at [email protected]

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695a6dd8, 2012-05-31, 11:34PM CDT

I would seriously consider retracting your post less you risk a fraudulent accusation on your company. Or perhaps you should consider telling the whole story on why if any outstanding balance is owed to you. This is not the first time your siding company has not provided honest services and perhaps someone should persue the reverse action by posting all of the jobs you have botched pertaining to your company.

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