Lexington Park Ford - Sneaky Salesmanship

Posted on Wednesday, April 18th, 2012 at 6:48pm CDT by 8161fd98

Company: Lexington Park Ford

Location: 21575 Great Mills Rd
Lexington Park, MD, 20603, US

URL: http://www.lexingtonparkford.com/

Category: Other

Went in to buy used car and salesman lied and said he was a "greeter" - that his job was just to show me the car. He said I would talk to salesman later. After I said I wanted car and would pay cash, he introduced me to "manager", who basically just said "Hi" and congratulations. I was told I could discuss price with finance manager. Even though I was paying cash, "greeter" said he needed my SSN because it was required by law. When I met with finance manager and wanted to negotiate price, he said salesman should have done that! I told him I never met salesman only "greeter." He didn't know why I had been told that and said he would speak to that person. "Greeter" had asked me not to mention to finance manager that I was paying cash. The next thing I know they were running my credit with my SSN! When I told finance guy I was paying cash, we were able to close deal (I didn't get to negotiate price). Then he sold me extended warranty that kept going up in price. I agreed to 12mos at $109 with direct pymts. By time I picked up car it was $149 and 24mos. Their practices are deceptive if not outright fraudulent!


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