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Posted on Wednesday, April 18th, 2012 at 9:57am CDT by 702642ba

Product: School Bus

Company: First Student

Location: Pueblo, Cl, US

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After reading other complaints about first student I see that my situation is just another day at work for them. Day 1 my son gets grabbed by the shoulder on his way to sit down and told by bus NAZI Sheryl Borneman "hey kid there are rules on my bus and they will be followed!" Well thats a fine how do you do. I have been aproached by students saying she screams and lectures them and this is a regular thing. Incident arises that she claims she saw my son throw something. She didn't and this was verified by about 15 other students on the bus. Sheryl Borneman blocks my son from getting off the bus and asks where is the paper? Well there never was any paper ball. When I aproach her the next morning she holds up a small plush frog and says "this is what he threw, I saw him". WOW strike 3 for her. 1. HE didn't throw anything. 2. What WAS thrown wasn't paper. 3. The frog she comes up with isn't even the item that was thrown by another boy. I found out that there was a My Little Pony that was lofted, not hurled, by another boy to get it out of his hands when he found out that it had lipstick on it. I had a chat with an assistant supervisor of first student who was reviewing the recorded incident as we spoke. Her description of what was happening on the screen was that the driver Sheryl Borneman was talking "very nicely and explaining to my son". This was later proved to be bull shit. I told the asst supv she was the only one viewing the recording and that I hadn't seen it for myself and her reply was "and you won't either". WOW I guess shit DOES run uphill. Well I scheduled a meeting with the dean of the school district who also requested the recording. He got a select slice of the recording alright. Not 1 second of the incident but of Sheryl Borneman blocking my son's exit and demanding "wheres the paper that you threw"? Again there was no paper thrown. She not only doesn't know who, by the wrong person, but even what was thrown. What was thrown wasn't hurled like a pitch, no one was hit, no one was hurt. Even the dean said that this doesn't show him anything. Kids come up to me asking if I'm getting her fired in hopes that it will happen. The dean even said that this shouldn't be happening in our kids lives for a half hour in the morning and again in the afternoon. Another child was written up for dropping ramen noodle crumbs and another for tossing a sunflower seed husk out the window. WTF? BUS NAZI? YES. But its OK with first student. Our concern is that if she is allowed to be like this then how bad is she gonna snap when a real crisis happens. As far as first student and their selection of drivers I guess you get what you pay for. She's making about $30 a day so its not the money. It must be the benefits. The benefit for Sheryl Borneman ( Ms. B.(B----))is that this is the only authority she has in her day and she abuses it to the extreme. I see the faces of other children on the bus and its a look of please just kill me. My daughter broke into tears of fear at just this driver passing her seat to go repremand someone in the back of the bus. That day I pulled them both off myself. This driver is pathetic but the pride of first student. I have talked to other parents, one of which I personally saw Sheryl Borneman repeatedly shut the door on him, ON HIM. Standing there trying to address the situation. This was the DEADLY SUNFLOWER SLINGING CHILD.

Closing the door on you is her way of dealing with you. She closes it in our faces, and on our bodies too, as the last word. Us parents have called to no avail. They should give a mental evaluation for the job. She wouldn't pass. This the crap our children have to put up with every day they board her bus and its condoned by her boss. Again PATHETIC.


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