Citgo - X- Citgo Customer Has Had Enough

Posted on Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 at 3:25pm CDT by c458eec9

Product: Citgo Cashier

Company: Citgo

Location: At the entrance to the Rock Springs Mobile Home Park
Apopka, Fl, 32712, US

Category: Other

Ok, I have had enough...first their merchandise is waay over priced nearly $2.00 for a candy bar...come on now! their gas is watered down, last time we bought gas there we had to buy gas treatment for our car..we stopped getting gas there and now our car runs great! The other day I paid for my drink with a $1 and a dime..the moron behind the counter refused to take the dime cause it's canadian..I explained to him it's canadian the US accepts canadian dimes...he said "no" even though I pointed out he gave me the dime the week before with my I dug out 10, I returned for another soda..I am down to using change until I gave him 55 cents..two quarters and a nickle...the rest was in pennies..the moron shakes his head head says "no pennies, only quarters dimes and nickles"..he then rudely shoves the pennies back in my hand along with the quarters and the nickle..he takes the drink out of my hand and places it behind the plexi glass and just looks at jaw dropped..most convience stores love getting pennies..not this idiot..why?? I believe it's because if he has pennies then he can't keep his customers change..say your bill comes to 3.97 and you pay with 4 ones..then he can say I don't have any the customer says oh just keep it then..that means he gets to pocket that 3 cents..if he does that to every customer who comes inside his store..he makes a nice little profit especially on a busy day!! Needless to say I responded with fuck you..I'll never step foot in this store again..and I left...I walked up the street a short distance and bought a soda at Dollar General when I went to pay, the cashier asked me if I had anymore pennies...I ended up giving her all of my pennies nearly a dollar in pennies..she was glad to get the change..I told her what happened at Citgo she said "what a moron..I would have said fu"..she didn't say it, but I knew what she was saying...I told her I did and I wouldn't be going back in that store again, she said she "didn't blame me one bit"..others complain about that loser..he's rude and has no people skills, and if he doesn't know anything about US currency or how to run a convience store he should go back to India or wherever it is he's from...we have anough of our own assholes to deal with, without getting stuck with foreign assholes too!


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