Lipotrim - Lipotrim Ripoff

Posted on Monday, April 16th, 2012 at 7:35pm CDT by 27e35ff4

Product: Lipotrim

Company: Lipotrim

Location: PO Box 1200
Eagle, ID, 83616, US


Category: Other

I ordered trial product on 3-28-12 and called to cancel on 4-5-12. I called well within the 14 day trial period. The representative would not cancel account as requested and kept telling me to call back on 4-11. I kept telling her that I was unemployed and could not afford to have these charges out of my account. I told her I would forget to call back, and she still would not cancel. I forgot of course to call back, then on 4-13 my card was charged for 149.83. I called and the company kept saying I agreed to call back and have my card charged and would not give refund. Will not listen to anything you say, just keep saying you agreed to have card charged. I tried to make them explain why it was not canceled when I requested. Kept saying you agreed to call back. The reason I agreed was that the representative would not cancel no matter what I said. The scam is to not cancel you, have you call back, and then hope you forget to call back, then they charge you. I filed claim with my bank and the BBB. Hopefully I will get some of my money back.


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