Gastroenterology Group

Posted on Monday, April 16th, 2012 at 4:48pm CDT by 07f22f6a

Company: Gastroenterology Group

Location: 11440 Commerce Park Drive
RESTON, VA, 20191, US

Category: Health, Beauty

On January 5, 2012 I had a colonoscopy at The Gastroenterology Group, 11440 Commerce Park, Reston, VA. This was the first colonoscopy that I had ever had, so I'm not sure there is anyone better, but my experience was not good. The actual procedure was fine, but the communications following the procedure did not go well. I did have polyps and I was told that a nurse would contact me within the next two weeks to tell me the results of the biopsy. I was also given a website that I could go to after two weeks to see the results. I returned home from work after approximately two weeks to a message from the doctor who performed the procedure. I have the results of your biopsy. Please call at your earliest convenience. Not a great call to get. It was too late to reach anyone that night, so I assumed the worst and just didn't sleep. I called the next day and left a message for the doctor. He called approximately 2 hours later to say that the results were non-cancerous. Not benign, but non-cancerous. This is only the beginning of my complaint against this medical practice. I had paid $50 on my initial visit and $303 on the day of the procedures. Approximately one month later I received four additional bills - one for the doctor, one for the facility, one for pathology, and one for anesthiology. I have group insurance and gap insurance. In early February, after my group insurance had paid the amount that they were going to pay, I called the practice and gave them my gap insurance card. I never heard anything from them after that. On April 7, 2012 I was awakened on a Saturday morning at 8 am by IC Systems, Inc. a credit collection agency. Please research them on-line to see how they operate. I was just confused. They were just hostile. I went to work and they proceeded to call my home seven times between the hours of 8am and 3pm that day. They had not sent me anything before calling, which violates the Fair Department Collection Practices Act. On April 13th, I did receive two letters from them showing debts of $50, as well as a letter from The Gastroenterology Group, stating that if I didn't pay them approximately $250 by April 21, 2012 they would turn me over to a collection agency. This was six days after the credit collection agency had called me. On April 16th, I called the medical practice and paid them. I will submit the bills myself to the other insurance company. Also, on April 16th I received six telephone calls from IC Systems, the last two after I told them to stop calling me. There are plenty of Gatroenterologists in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Find someone other than this group. On April 17th at 8:25 am I received a phone call from the medical practice stating that my bill was paid in full and that I would no longer be contacted by the collection agency. They called two times after that. April 18th - a day and a half after I was told that the debt collectors would not call again, they called again. If the medical staff was half as incompetent as the office staff I would be dead.

April 19th - 2 more calls from IC Systems. Since the call on Tuesday - April 17th stating that my bill was paid in full and I would no longer receive calls from IC Systems, I have received 5 calls. Unbelievable.


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