Hutington Bank - Theives with no funds

Posted on Sunday, April 15th, 2012 at 3:47pm CDT by e263b745

Product: Huntington Bank/checking and savings account

Company: Hutington Bank

Location: East Apple Ave in Muskegon Michigan 49442
Muskegon, Mi, 49442, US


Category: Other

Huntington bank has taken funds from my account and convered it up with changing the dates of the transaction that were performed on a daily basis. What they do is make you use their machine to withraw and charge you a fee if you don't. YOu pay for one banks machine and then you pay huntington also, so you pay about six dollars for a atm withdrawl. When you debit at a business your transaction deletes the payment automatically. When you check you accout there is always a pending trtansaction and you can not verify what the heck happened for that day. so you end of paying for one transaction more than once. I paid out about a good 6000 dollars more thaN i SHOULD HAVE.there is no way to prove this unless there is a audit of the bank transaction which would leave fund for another to claim and not admit to any increase in the account. I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who has verifified their account and found it to be inaccurate. They act so trustworthy but yet do not care about no one and no ones funds, only that that is a bank we do not care about how much you get or how much is in your account. I went into the other bank a ways out and I was so sc ared due to the inappriate dressing of the workers, they looked so skidrow. i, at that time begain to wonder why soome one would hire such low class of profession in dressing or grooming. I applied for a loan and I had to take 3000 or nothing and was denied with callatoral and escrow funds. the banker had a serious crimanal record, and failed to have experience. She told me and talk to me about what I had already worked or was doing. I don't think no one gets any credit at that bank or have any funds available for any one. the deposit come in with bags of change. I have never seen the brinks bring any funds at all nor pick up any at all. I am going to the federal reserve to report this bank any one have a complaint. email me back.


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