LBC EXPRESS - Outright Negligence

Posted on Saturday, April 14th, 2012 at 4:21am CDT by 5d21fbab


Location: PH


Category: Other

LBC Express, a courier, who has always boasted itself as "hari ng padala" had stupidly lost my documents intended for passport processing...and not even informing me right despicable that i wont be able to know such damn occurrence if i have not been so insistent myself in following it texts, no calls came from them unless i made the first move. imagine their office's 3-week hibernation before they finally told me of the loss!they were just like sitting ducks there doing nothing! what an outright negligence!!! i was so damned-at-ease at the time i thought my documents were safely delivered to TEL-PPT after march 19 when all the while their idiot staff/employee had lost them only God knew where! how detestable!!!i was doomed to have relied on them!its true that i was able to refund my money but that certainly could never make-up for the lost days!!! LBC "Express" huh??? in what???..certainly not in delivery!!! i'd rather say EXPRESS in losing an important cargo such as vital documents! DAMN YOUR COMPANY FOR THE DELAY AND TROUBLE YOU HAVE CAUSED ME!!!


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