KFC - South Africa - KFC Condones Racism/Racial Discrimination

Posted on Saturday, April 14th, 2012 at 11:31pm CDT by f85de369

Company: KFC - South Africa

Location: ZA

Category: Other

My daughter and I visited South Africa last November. During our visit, we stopped at a KFC. In the 20 or so minutes we were in the store, the female behind the counter (native) totally ignored us. She carried on a lively conversation with a male (native) until he left the store (apx 5 minutes). Then she continued to ignore us. I called to her, asked if we could use the restroom, she said she'd check with the manager, and she disappeared. She continued to ignored us. Only because we are Caucasian.

I have called KFC headquarters to complain about the treatment we received, and to find out why they condone this behavior. The representatives told me over and over that they "will have a manager look into it and get back to [us]". One woman told us she would take it upstairs to management herself. And still nothing. A few days ago I called them again. I was told by their representative that they don't know how to get ahold of any managers, they don't have the ability to call any other department, and, basically, that they are just robots who can't do a thing, that management is ignoring us just as the woman in South Africa did.

This speaks volumes about the moral values of KFC. They not only condone racism. They officially condone racism.


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