AK Services Driver Testing LLC - Angry Instructor

Posted on Saturday, April 14th, 2012 at 2:14pm CDT by 14f1faed

Product: driving test

Company: AK Services Driver Testing LLC

Location: 7669 Brighton Rd. Brighton, Michigan 48116
Brighton, Mi, 48116, US

URL: http://www.aktest.com/Brighton.htm

Category: Other

My younger brother made an apt. to do his driving test with AK Services Driver Testing LLC as they were on the list provided to us by the Secretary of State. Due to an error of MINE, my brother had to call them to reschedule. The man with whom my brother spoke on the phone angrily told him not to bother rescheduling and to find another place to do his test and then hung up on him! A grown man hung up on a child! My mother, feeling badly, called the man back to see if she could help in any way. The man then angrily hung up on my mother as well! This type of angry, rude and unprofessional person should not be conducting driving tests of all things. I do not like to think of what could have happened had his anger flared up during the test, on the road with other motorists and with a new teen driver behind the wheel. Anger has no place in a motor vehicle, especially not with a teen driver. One slight incorrect motion could end both their lives! I fear for others who might encounter this man's anger. I HIGHLY recommend removing this business from the list of approved driving tests in order to protect others from this man's temper. It is definitely not safe to have a person who cannot control their temper in a moving vehicle with a young driver.


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