Chicago Motor Cars - Bad Business!!

Posted on Friday, April 13th, 2012 at 11:02am CDT by 8c0c6d82

Product: Used Car Dealer

Company: Chicago Motor Cars

Location: 27W 110 North Ave.
West Chicago, IL, 60185, US


Category: Other

Do not buy from this dealership! They falsely advertise features and services done to the car that are not there. Not to mention they didnt have the title or keys!! They are all about the almighty dollar and seeing who they can take advantage of. Of course they will role out the red carpet for you initially, but as soon at they think they have your business, the customer service goes away. Parin and Robby are the worst. Parin doesnt know how to handle any kind of confrontation and resorts to name-calling. Thats top-notch professionalism right there. And Robby, well, he must have known someone to get his job. Really, dont waste your time.

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max4950 m., 2014-07-20, 10:41PM CDT

You are wrong. Thay are true. We have been bought cars from this company.

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