Acorn Stairlifts - Acorn Stairlifts Committing Fraud On Elderly

Posted on Friday, April 13th, 2012 at 11:34am CDT by eacdea64

Product: SuperGlide 120

Company: Acorn Stairlifts

Location: 7335 Lake Ellenor Drive
Orlando, FL, 32809, US


Category: Other

There is a tragedy going on in the mobility business sector. There is a company that is openly defrauding senior citizens. Not simply any kind of seniors, but those whom have major health issues. Imagine taking advantage of seniors with bad backs, breathing issues, & other diseases that keep them from easy tasks such as travelling up & down the stairs.

The business doing these horrifying tactics to our seniors here in the U.S., is Acorn Stairlifts, based from the U.K., with a small office here in Florida.

Imagine for a moment you are at an car repair store & you are getting your brakes repaired. The auto technician comes out & lets you know that you have two options. You can either have the normal brakes put on your car, however for a few hundred dollars more, there are the heavy duty brakes that your vehicle really needs. Naturally, you purchase the heavy brakes, because you need the best value for your money. You pay & drive off from the car store with your totally new heavy duty brakes.

How would you feel if you found out that the auto technician lied to you, & instead of putting on the heavy duty brakes, he really only put on your car the normal brakes. You paid $ 200 extra for higher quality brakes, however you got the lower priceed ones put on your car. Just how upset & furious would you feel?

Acorn Stairlift pricing is doing the same exact con job as described above. Their SuperGlide 120 straight stairlift, has a body weight limit of 294 lbs. If you weigh over 294, then Acorn will tell you that you need to pay 2 hundred fifty dollars more for a heavy duty lift, that has a body weight limit of 350 lbs. You are informed that no other solutions are offered.

When your new heavy duty Acorn Stairlift is installed, the Acorn technician, puts a sticker on your stairlift, stating that it is a heavy duty unit. This is where the outright fraud takes place. Former Acorn Stairlifts technicians tell us that there is absolutely no difference between the regular unit, and the heavy duty unit . No difference at all-period. The only difference is the sticker that states the unit is now a heavy duty model. How can this be, as the company representative wrote up an invoice stating that you paid for and were going to receive a special, higher costing unit? The same former Acorn installation technicians also told us that Acorn Stairlifts cost just $485 to manufacture, which is just a fraction of what the company charges for their untis. The average going price for an Acorn stairlift is averaging at about wenty five hundred dollars.

We can only hope that State and Federal bodies will soon crack down on the outright deception that Acorn is exposing vulnerable members of our society to, our beloved senior citizens.


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