Radiator Moya - Take Your Car Elsewhere

Posted on Thursday, April 12th, 2012 at 5:28pm CDT by c458eec9

Product: Leaking Radiator Hose

Company: Radiator Moya

Location: 2682 Overland Road #5
Apopka, Fl, 32703, US

Category: Other

This complaint is about mechanics who work for Toney Moya..on Overland drive in Apopka, Florida..our car was leaking coolant, we drove early one morning to their garage hoping to get it fixed what we found instead was a group of grown men who decided to bait, lie to and try to cheat three grown women..we informed the "specialist" who btw does not speak english...we may have a leaking radiator hose...he said it would be about two hours, so we left to have breakfast..upon our return he said "no leak, needed new part" he assured us in broken english our problem was fixed...on my way to work the next day my low coolant light came on....when I got home I could smell coolant and there was a big puddle under the car, I took my car back a second time, he said it would take three hours, so I left returned three hours later only to be told "no leak, you need a new radiator cap" my first thought was he took three hours to tell me I need a new radiator cap???!!! so I resisted the urge to stuff him in the overflow I told him there was a leak..he shook his head "no leak new cap"..so I went to Napa paid $8 for a new cap...that night my low coolant light came on again, so I again refilled the coolant, let it sit overnight, got up to no coolant, filled it yet again, ran out had to finish off with water, on my way to work, not 20 minutes later the low coolant light came on AGAIN, my temper exploded, I drove straight to Tony Moyas garage the original mechanic actually hid from me, the second mechanic said it needed a new clamp on the hose, I said that's all you're not going to replace the hose, he said "no, there's no leak"..(which is what he should have done the first time as well as this time) but he knew I was pissed and would not be paying for further work that should have been done the first time. then he had the balls to say "you have a cracked gasket head that will run you between $700 and $1000" I closed my hood, I told him I would not be back...I drove straight to another mechanic...And surprise surprise he said "I needed a new hose and rwo plug boots were burned out...he replaced both..so not only are Tony Moyas mechanics incompetent, but they are also not to be trusted..I'm not sure if they tried to cheat me because I am a woman or because I am American..all I do know is they are not to be trusted!! Let's see that's $75 for the first visit plus $10 gas, $8 for the cap I didn't need, oh $50 for the coolant I went through had they actually fixed the hose like I requested I would not have spent extra money on coolant or gas another $10 in gas for my second visit, also $10 for the third and final visit along with $119 I'm out missing one day of work, that's 7 hours at $17 an hour...you do the math let's see, this so called garage owes me $282...btw the mechanic who actually fixed my car said it does NOT have a cracked gasket head, so Tony Moyas employees tried to get another $700 to $1000 for work that did not need to be done!! Steer clear of Tony Moyas on Overland Drive in Apopka..or if they tell you, you need something done get a second opinion elsewhere before you let them touch your automobile!!


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