Fitness Today - Horrible trainer and misleading

Posted on Thursday, April 12th, 2012 at 11:20am CDT by 0ee32bb1

Product: Personal Trainer Nichole Jones

Company: Fitness Today

Location: 3812 Central Avenue


Category: Health, Beauty

Paid for gym membership and personal training from Nichole Jones. Over 200.00. She gave me specific times for her bootcamp and even stated that she would provide nutritional help. Several times showed up for bootcamp and gym was locked, in the winter apparently did not pay the gas bill because it was freezing in there when I actually was in there. She did not help me a bit. She looked at herself in the mirror and even started DRINKING at the end of the bootcamp! I also might add if you are married and you do a couples training cession WATCH OUT. She was texting my husband VERY inappropriate pictures of her and sending inappropriate messages wanting to meet him at different places. She also inquired about prescription drugs. This woman is far from a fitness figure. Do not give her your credit card information. She is a FELON and has mortgage fraud and credit card. She is now working in Benton and Little Rock so watch out.


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f69ba412, 2014-03-08, 12:55AM CST

You have no idea what you are talking about. Nichole is an excellent trainer and has helped many people over the years! If you are going to make false statements at least give your name! It is very unprofessional to post inaccurate comments about someone when you do not know all of the facts. It's one thing to be upset about something but it's very unchristian like to post such negative comments about someone that is an excellent trainer and works very hard to help people reach their goals. I have personally trained with Nichole for 4 years and I have sent many of my friends to her because she is very passionate about her job. She helped me reach my goals in 5 months and I placed 4th place in my first figure competition and there is noway I could have done it without her. For everyone else that is reading these lies posted on by this jealous girl dont listen to her because she doesnt have a clue. Just go meet her yourself and you will see she has an outstanding reputation in this field and tons of happy clients that love her.

7a910577, 2014-03-09, 03:02PM CDT

This complaint is not even believable. What a joke. Whoever wrote it is very immature and I hope this Nicole sues her for libel.

f166f037, 2014-03-21, 08:17PM CDT

The fact that Nichole is a convicted felon. Is a verified fact. To say this lady is not honest makes you wonder who Nichole had write it.

Johnny T., 2014-03-21, 08:47PM CDT

First of all, learn grammar or punctuation, you're poor at them both. Back to topic,she didn't have me write it or know that I wrote it. I'm extremely competent to think and speak on my own, so I'll pardon your ignorance. Not to rain on your parade, but: It's so verified, it's not a part of her record or residing on a single background report. It's so verified, the United States District Court expunged it off her record in six months. It's so verified, she was licensed to open her own mortgage company after the fact. Now, her idiot ex-husband ran it into the ground after that, but that's a different topic that doesn't belong here. Carry on-

71f31774, 2014-04-25, 01:57PM CDT

I was at La fitness one time this past january and that nichole or nicole chich was up at that desk and was drunk and high and kept trying to get some guys to feel of her tits. Horribl customer service in my opinin unless you like that kind of thing

26d6b87c, 2014-05-05, 01:58PM CDT

Nichole is a convicted felon is a verified fact. You can easily look above and see Nichole wrote all of this herself and even put "Johnny T." Nichole ran her own business into the ground without the help of anyone else, including Fitness Today. I am friends with two females of whose husbands she was sending inappropriate pictures to and trying to meet up with them. Nichole is far from professional and so thankful she left Hot Springs. To the guy above, I would believe it. Doubt she is still at LA Fitness. Im sure they fired her too.

8f537512, 2014-05-05, 02:40PM CDT

Nichole didn't get anything expunged. She is a convicted felon for ripping people off when she worked at Freedom Financial and she pled guilty to the crimes. The government doesn't just expunge something like that. If Nichole's lips are moving, she is lying. She doesn't know how to tell the truth. She will be manipulative til her final breath. She never had her own mortgage company after she and her ex split either. That is not factual information. The SEC will never allow her to do loans again. Oh and by the way, she is also on the national child abuse registry for driving drunk with her 1 year old daughter. Yeah, Nichole is a real "solid" person.

f69ba412, 2014-06-17, 02:42AM CDT

I have contacted the legal department in regards to the false statements and they are currently pulling the comments and the email addresses that came from and the person or persons posting the above statements and they will have legal actions taken against them according to the terms and conditions they agreed to before posting the comments. The comments were false and according to the terms and conditions could not be hearsay or opinions they had to be actual facts between the business owner and the customer. The customer that originally made the complaint made it after the gym was closed down and had been sold to another gym owner in Hot Springs. Secondly, Nichole did not work for LA Fitness in January when the above person stated she went in there and saw Nichole working which was also not true because she quite LA Fitness due to the extreme hours and her previous company making her a much better deal to come back to work for them as their senior GM over the Arkansas Market so please stop with the negative bashing comments that are not true. I know for a fact these are all false statements and I am prepared to take legal action to prevent further negative comments to be made about someone that works very hard and is a great mother, trainer and friend. The legal department has been notified as well as my attorney and will be releasing the emails and customer information for each person that posted a false comment. You may have thought you could post it and no one would find out but legally this website has to give all the information to the business owner and I assure you legal action will be taken! You have 24 hours to remove your comments or legal action will be taken against you.

f69ba412, 2014-06-17, 02:52AM CDT

If you would like to see a copy of her background check why dont you give me your email address and I will send it to you. In the meantime grow up and stop with your drama. You have no clue about what you are talking about and what you are doing and stating is against the law not to mention the terms of this website which it's obvious you did not read before you started posting lies. Nichole has not been in Hot Springs in over 3 years. Her ex-husbands wife actually works for her as a personal trainer now so you really need to get your facts straight and leave her alone and yes she did own her OWN mortgage company and it was called Village Mortgage and she owned it for 7 years without one single complaint so once again you have no idea what you are talking about.

975bc8a5, 2014-08-04, 10:00AM CDT

I know for a fact these are not lies. Nichole is a manipulating, lying con. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie. Nichole has several ex husbands. Doesn't matter. I know the gym that my wife and I signed up to be a member of Fitness Unlimited, Nichole Jones (General Manager) was texting me very inappropriately and a very flirtatious, knowing I am married. She also conned us into packages that we did not want and we had charges that were not authorized and we had to contact the corporate office. Needless to say, we have nothing to do with anything she is involved with.

f69ba412, 2015-02-01, 02:24PM CST

You can't be serious!! Haha that just shows you are lying once again because LA Fitness only has one rate and their contracts are all month TJ month and you have to sign everything electronically in the computer at the time you join so there is no way she could have sold you something without your authorization you have to enter your payment information and sign the signature pad electronically for your agreement to be processed so stop with the slander because it just makes you look like the idiot wheb any and everyone that's joined LA Fitness knows how the process works. It's really sad you are so jealous if her success that you would go to a site like this to try to hurt her reputation when she does nothing but help people live healthy lives. I will say a prayer for you because true Christains do not act in this manner and it will come back to hurt you one day. I hope she presses charges against you so maybe you can learn a valuable lesson and stop trying to bash someone that's never done anything to you. Im sure you are another friend if her ex husband who lives to make her life miserable which is obvious by the friends if his he has posting these lies for all I know this is him! Just stop with your drama and lies because Nichole has a great reputation and works extremely hard not to mention all the things she has achomished and awards over the past 5 years. She's an inspiration to me which is why im defending her now.

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