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Posted on Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 at 7:14pm CDT by 0893edef

Product: Peaceful Zen Garden Floral Arrangement

Company: Flowers Nationwide

Location: 6677 Orchard Lake Rd.
West Bloomfield, MI, 48322, US


Category: Other

I ordered flowers from what I thought to be a reputable company, who guaranteed satisfaction, showed an item number with photo and dimensions, and failed to deliver on their stated policy.

I have tried working with this company and they are refusing to refund my money. I paid for a

13"W x 12"H planter and was delivered a 3"W x 4" pot. I have pictures of both and they are incredibly different.

No reputable company would blatantly, falsely represent an item. I now realize this was all intentional. They never expected me to see this "Sympathy" Arrangement because I had it delivered to another state, then went there for the services. They delivered a small, cheap, pot -- not an adequate substitution even by their own written policy -- which they refuse to honor.

They have told outright lies about order and their product (in emails to me and on their website). These are not mistakes, these are blatant lies.

Then they give me the run-around and no satisfaction, only frustration, more heartache (I sent this to the daughter of my dear friend after we lost her mother), and a failed guarantee. They have offered me two separate $40 discounts to use on their site. However, it would cost me a minimum of $50 to use each!

Now, the 1st part of their scam began with selling vouchers on [email protected] They sold discount vouchers then failed to honor them. These were sold all over the country! I'm sure thousands of floral purchasers have been likewise ripped off.

This company, AKA, Wesley-Berry Flowers, American Floral Delivery, Flower Delivery Express, Flowers Nationwide is stealing from the public! This business is a racket!! This can't be legal.

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melissa a., 2012-09-29, 03:55PM CDT

I agree. I too bought vouchers from and it costs me a fortune to order flowers with their DISCOUNT . what a rip off Stay away from them

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