Tam Airlines - Denial of Pet Travel

Posted on Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 at 10:50pm CDT by cbe4bea9

Company: Tam Airlines

Location: US

Category: Airlines

In February I paid for two tickets for me and my fianc to travel on April 11 of 2012 from JFK to Rio de Janeiro. I have dual citizenship and he is american, and we would be taking our two dogs with us. So I called in March to confirm the booking of the dogs and our flight. I was told that I had to call next week to see if the bookings were confirmed but it shouldn't be a problem for traveling if I had all the proper documentation necessary. So, I called the following week and they told me that they hadn't heard back but to call the following week and so forth that went on.. so, meanwhile, I took both the dogs to the vet to get their shots, sent the documents to Albany to get approval by the Department of Agriculture which only has validation for 10 days. So, after all that, I called TAM today April 10 just to see if everything was okay and was told that my request was denied. So I asked the reason and got the answer that they were all booked but that I had to call my travel agency where I had gotten the tickets, change the date, pay the $150 fine for changing the dates, then request again with a minimum of 24 hours the booking for both dogs to fly. However, this time, the agent advised that I could be again denied for that flight too. This is not a free service and they are not doing me a favor, just for the dogs to fly on the same flight cost $300.

I asked if there was a way that I could check when a flight was available for both dogs to fly and that I could book that, then pay the fine to re-book my flight, but I was told that it was not their procedure and there was nothing they could do. I felt like I was being handled after staying on the phone for more than 1 hour while they were checking with a supervisor on what they should tell me. I got a lot of apologies but nothing got resolved, I don't understand why I need to pay out of my pocket to change dates when there is no guarantee to take the dogs with me. I did nothing wrong. This seemed outrageous to me to keep paying fines and request the dogs to fly but to be denied. How is this common sense? Why did it take TWO MONTHS of me calling to be denied the day before I fly out!!?? I have already rented a vehicle to drive to the airport which I now also have to pay to extend the days for the fact that we are moving to Rio and had to sell both our vehicles. Just seems like I am paying money that I dont have since I am not working when its not my fault for a stupid procedure on their part. They did not seem interested in resolving this with me. What can I do?


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