Action Payday - Doesn't Pay to use ActionPayDay

Posted on Monday, December 31st, 2012 at 2:02pm CST by b467a40c

Product: Cash Loans

Company: Action Payday

Location: US


Category: Online Scams

To those that ever consider using Beware. The representatives do not give you the correct information. I spoke to three representatives prior to taking my loan out and asked all the same three questions. What is the interest rate? Answer: $90 (for a $300 loan) What will my total amount due be? Answer: $90 plus the $300 for a total of $390. When will it be due if I take the loan out on this date? Answer: On your next pay check. I balance my check book at the end of every month and noticed today that my account has had two withdrawls for $90. Now that I call them, they tell me "apologies that the rep did not explain it correctly" but we won't withdraw the full amount due unless you ask us to. What the rep. "meant" was that your first interest payment is due on your next pay check. Now here's the best part. They say they where going to listen to the phone recording and would call me back. Haven't heard back and when I asked to listen to the recording, they say I can't and that they only made an exception to even listen to it in the first place.

UPDATED:I called back and I've been on hold 45 minutes already and when I try to use the online chat feature, it actually goes to an email address. Finally, after holding, I get a rep. Oopss, wait. They transferred me to US BANK!!!! I finally get online with a rep. She says she's talking to supervisor and to give her a few minutes, they are going to listen to the recording. Another 45 minutes, I try to send her a response on chat and I can't. I get back on chat and they transfer her to me. Says they are very busy and still waiting for supervisor to get recording. Scam!!DON'T BORROW FROM THEM.


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