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Product: Dishwasher Machine


Location: 6000 Mowry Ave Newark, CA - (510) 713-3900
NEWARK, CA, 94560, US


Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

I had placed an order online in December 2012 for a dishwasher item to be picked up at a local Sears store. I paid for it online. The only email I received from was the confirmation of my order.

I was expecting to receive an email within a couple of days letting me know when I could pick up the item from the store. I never got one. After waiting for it over a week, I decided to not do business with for their apparent lack of follow up and poor customer service. Within 10 days and within my cancellation period, I decided to cancel my order.

I emailed them to cancel my order. I could cancel it as long as I hadn't picked it up or it hadn't been shipped to the store yet. I got my email bounce back saying that it was a no reply address of sears. I called them and canceled my order. I requested representative to give me a cancellation reference number or something, but I didn't get one as they said that they don't give one. They told me that within 24 hours, I will get an email confirmation about that also, but they had canceled my order nevertheless.

I called them again the same day and I got the same type of response. Then few days later I realized that I had not received any cancellation email. The charges were not even yet credited to my credit card by Sears. I called them and found out that they hadn't processed my cancellation yet or something and they were not giving me a straight answer why not. They told me that the order seem to be scheduled for shipment to the local store. I could not believe what was going on.

I again advised the representative to cancel my order and issue my refund. The representative tried to tell me that it will take a few more days but my order was canceled and my refund may take 30 days or more to issue. She said that if I wanted to, I could call the local store also to cancel it. I said that was not acceptable. She hung up on me.

Then I called them again and asked to speak to a supervisor and that other representative hung up on me. Then I called a little while later and explained that my order needed to be canceled and that representative tried to tell me that the local store will have to cancel it. I asked her why it wasn't told to me when I had called many days ago to cancel it and she had no answer to that. She said that it was in process of cancellation and will take 2-3 days more. I told her that wasn't acceptable and I wanted my order canceled and my money credited now. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she put me on hold for over 15 minutes and eventually transferred me back to the automated hold line. I had written email to sears somehow and hoped to receive a reply about my cancellation confirmation.

I visit the Sears stores sometimes. They have the worst floor representatives. They stand there talking loud ignore the customers. One time I needed to ask a sales staff a question about an item and when she saw me with the item, she ran in the other direction. I am not that ugly, but rather good looking :). One time I asked their staff about a feature of a TV and the guy had no idea about it and gave me the wrong answer. I reviewed the information on the TV and figured out he was totally wrong. Where do Sears find its sales or floor staff really?

I won't recommend Sears to anybody. Do not buy from Also, avoid buying from as they have several independent merchants selling through their website and they don't sell genuine stuff. I bought a new headphone and all I got was a headphone in a sandwich bag. I contacted Sears and got a lot of run around for returning that garbage. It was a headache since the merchant was never paying attention to my emailed questions and kept sending me boilerplate email responses that didn't make any sense.

Do not do business with SEARS. I have never liked Sears and now I know why. They are so horrible that they send their Discover credit cards after it has been cancelled or when I did not ordered it even. Others have told me the same type of thing. What has happened to all these big businesses? The customer service has gone into the toilet now a days. Sears is right at the bottom of a toilet. Who is the pot head CEO running Sears these days?


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547dd897, 2013-01-28, 12:17PM CST

I hope you kept a copy of your email. Sometimes you have to use a company site to email them so you have to copy and paste it to a word document in order to have a copy for your records.

Another thing I have learned from listening to other people's nightmares is, I NEVER use a Sears Credit card to purchase anything other than clothes from Sears. It's easier to dispute a charge to your credit card if it is a different companies credit card.

Hopefully, you did manage to cancel the sale.

04104327, 2013-01-28, 08:27PM CST

Thank you. I had plenty of emails to them documenting that I had cancelled the order.

They kept on saying that their notes show I have cancelled it, but for some reason it is not generating the actual cancellation.

After I called and emailed to cancel it many times, they still shipped it to the local store. What idiots.

Then I was asked to call the local store to cancel it which I tried to do and for about 5-6 times when I called either nobody was answering or when they did some staff said he or she was transferring my call only to hang up on me. I got frustrated and disputed the charge with my credit card company, and as it was pending the credit from Sears came through. I think the dispute probably resulted in Sears taking notice.

They are awful.

4baa9bb5, 2013-04-26, 11:35AM CDT

Purchased an electric double built-in oven and shortly after picking it up at the store I noticed the price had been reduced approximately $500.00, I was just out of the 14 day price guarantee, 14 days,,,REALLY!, so my only other option was to return it to the store and get a refund minus the restocking fee, tried to talk to a 'Representative' but that's like talking to a parrot, they just repeat store policy, I feel ripped off and as far as ever buying another appliance from sears, it's never going to happen.

04104327, 2013-04-26, 11:49AM CDT

Sears company is full of stupid people.

They do not know a thing about common sense or customer service.

Contact their corporate office and request a refund of $500.

First purchase the reduced price one, but do not pick it up.

Then, return the first one and pay little restocking fee if it is less than $500 you hope to save purchasing it on sale.

Once the first one is safely returned & your credit on credit card is posted, then only go pick up the new one.

Sears takes forever to post a refund so if they take more than 5 days to post your refund, then you may call your credit card and put the charge under a dispute.

Make sure you save your refund receipt.

Then Sears should pay attention on the dispute and should post a refund quicker hopefully.

If not, because you returned the item, your credit card should credit your full amount. Hope this helps.

chickie d., 2013-08-01, 09:58PM CDT

Sadly it is true, Sears SUCKS.

In one day I have had 3 worst experiences of my life- on the phone with Sears, using email 'chat' with a Sears agent and exchanging emails with

I learned today that the promo codes, points, discounts, shopping bonuses, etc. do not apply to nearly every 'sub-section' of sears. Here's the email:

Thank you for contacting Shop Your Way Rewards regarding your account.

Unfortunately, at this time Sears Parts Direct is considered as a third-party vendor. You can earn points but points cannot be redeemed on the merchandise.

We do apologize for the confusion and inconvenience this has caused you.


Just think about how stupid these people really are- you can earn points, but they're not going to be good for anything. Oh, and Have a nice day!

04104327, 2015-04-25, 03:00PM CDT

Sears will go bankrupt because of its horrible practices.

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