Merck - Awful!

Posted on Friday, December 28th, 2012 at 1:32am CST by Linda T.

Product: Shareholder Services- Merck

Company: Merck

Location: Broad St.

Category: Products, Services

I am a daughter of a deceased Merck employee, shareholder. Merck's service provider for their stock is a nightmare. They ignore your letters and when you call, give you different information every day. It as if they want to hold the money hostage and it is a travesty to people who worked all of their lives for it and their children.

Today, I was promised a rush order with a call back. No call- To make things even better, since I still do not have a check , I may have lost an opportunity to refinance my home AND have lost nearly $12,000 because the stock has dropped since my directions to sell it and send me a check well after they had verified that I was the owner.


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