Holloway Funeral Home - Terrible experience from the owner of Holloway Funeral Home, Arthur 'Art' Holloway

Posted on Friday, December 28th, 2012 at 7:34am CST by Jennifer and James Fry

Company: Holloway Funeral Home

Location: 112 Bayview Boulevard
OLDSMAR, FL, 34677, US

Category: Products, Services

We had a horrible experience with Arthur 'Art' Holloway, owner of Holloway Funeral Home, Oldsmar, FL.

Our 22 year old Son was killed August 23, 2012 in Tampa, FL. We hired Holloway Funeral Home on advice from Pape Mortuary in Danville, IL, our home town. We live in the United Kingdom and were unable to fly out immediately because flights were postponed due to Hurricane Isaac. Ex-husband took advantage of this: without our agreement, and without Holloway contacting us, our Son's memorial service was scheduled to take place before our flight would arrive; this despite the fact that we (not ex-husband) hired the funeral home. One of the Holloway Funeral Home Directors, Dave, appeared to be responsible for this and when challenged he failed to see the significance it held for us. Though feeling seriously compromised, for our Son's sake we came to an agreement. As anyone can imagine, a sudden death in the family forces you to make decisions while you are in a state of shock. You trust funeral homes and hope they have your best interest at heart. People come to them in a very vulnerable state. You don't expect to be treated so terribly and are shocked when you are. Though we did not fully realize it at the time, subsequent behavior by the owner (see below) has led us to conclude that this is indicative of a prevailing (and extremely undesirable) attitude among some staff at Holloway Funeral Home.

After the Medical Examiner called on October 1st to make us aware of our son's official cause of death, we phoned Holloway Funeral Home to obtain a copy of our Son's final death certificate. We spoke to the secretary and asked to speak to one of the two directors, David or Dave, who we dealt with when we made our Son's arrangements. The owner, Art Holloway answered the phone in a gruff, rude manner. We explained the nature of our call; he seemed irritated and began to talk down to us. We had no idea why he was behaving this way towards us. We maintained our dignity and tried to complete our request but we were stunned at how awful he was. He called us a few minutes later regarding numbers on our bank card. This was easily rectified, but he then rudely tried to extort money from us over and above the cost of the death certificate and postage, $5 to pay for his 30 second call. He also kept our bank card details on file, which is unethical. He was very sarcastic, aggressive and unsympathetic in every way. He behaved like a bully.

When we challenged Art Holloway's insensitive attitude, he said "Tell you what Mrs. Fry, you just figure out a way to get the death certificate yourself!" We cannot stress how awful Art Holloway made us feel. Why treat someone like this, especially a grieving Mother? His excuse for his behavior was that Mrs Fry was irrational. This is completely false, but even if this were so, wouldn't a funeral home owner be sensitive to a grieving Mother? Before this encounter we had never met Art Holloway; we dealt with two of the directors and secretary of Holloway Funeral Home. Art Holloway's behavior was appalling: he is an extremely cold and callous person and had we known what he was like, we would have chosen another funeral home for our Son.

Art Holloway showed a blatant disrespect for our Son and a blatant disrespect for our feelings. It is shocking how this self-proclaimed Christian, Art Holloway, conducts his business. We filed a complaint with the State of Florida and our complaint was investigated and made a matter of public record. We hope no one else will suffer the sting of this horrible man. We cannot imagine why he would be the owner of a funeral home when it is clear that he has not an ounce of compassion within himself. Art Holloway admitted his behavior through emails and also to the State Investigator, but he declined to apologize to us.

We are passionate about telling our experience with Art Holloway. If it helps only one person, then our efforts will have been worth it. More people in this world need to complain about and expose bullies like Art Holloway.


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