Just Develop It - Don't count on support from MyPCBackup

Posted on Friday, December 28th, 2012 at 3:52pm CST by Philip G.

Product: mypcbackup

Company: Just Develop It

Location: GB

URL: mypcbackup.com

Category: Computers, Software

Attempted to sign up for the software's paid Premier package. Was given a free trial version instead - that without any advance notice cherry picked data from my PC to initiate that free trial. Also got a welcome email (including his photo) from someone named Jamie Heathorn in which he wrote, "If you need anything, just let me know."

When I ran into repeated difficulty trying to sign up for the Premier package I wanted, I sent "Jamie" an email...to the only (generic) email address he'd provided, [email protected]

Got a poorly written, hard-to-understand reply from someone named Luis asking for additional information. Not a word from "Jamie," however.

Sent what was requested. The next response came from Alvin. In both cases their responses - in extremely poor attempts at English - ranged from the pathetic to the humorous, none coming close to resolving the problems I?d run into.

Bottom line: No software - free trial or paid - should be able to extract data from anyone's computer without both advance notice and approval, if CSRs can't communicate with English speaking people in English, the company should find CSRs who can, and don't promise me a personal rep when at best the concept seems to be a sham.

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simon m., 2013-08-05, 01:47PM CDT

Hi Jamie Heathron!(Account Manager)

I received an email, in which the user of Dell CN-0387DR60116762706032N is reminded to upgrade the MyPC Backup space to 1GB space.

I disappointingly note that I, Simon Muinjo is the rightful owner of the particular Laptop, which has been stolen 4 months ago out of my car.

I will appreciate it if you could perhaps lookup in your database which email address is now reflecting on your records, to enable me to trace my Laptop which is of sentimental value for me.

I thank you in anticipation for your support in this regard.

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