Tracy Villanueva Milpitas Coach General Manager - Tracy Villanueva Least intelligent Coach Store General Manager , Milpitas

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Product: Tracy Villanueva Least intelligent Coach General Manager , Milpitas

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Tracy Villanueva Least intelligent Coach General Manager , Milpitas

Tracy Villanueva , Coach General Manager of Milpitas is the Least intelligent store manager terribly lack both consumer service skill & reasonable judgments.

Here is why I say so:

During Christmas Dec 26,2012 - Milpitas Coach store do NOT stock enough shopping bags for customers & Instead manager Tracy Villanueva adopted idiotic strict policy mandating 1 shopping bag per customer - whether you buy 1 coach bag or 10 hand bags .

Me & My girl friend that day bought about 5 hand bags and they try to place all in 1 shopping bags which barely hold the weight & when I request for additional bag mobile register counter girl protest this is their store policy and need manager approval .. and disappear for about 10 minutes looking for manager Tracy Villanueva ..Alas!! too much time for $0.10 bag. . .. WE bought about $600+ worth of 5 different coach bags and they can not give additional $0.10 bag??? need manager permission & making us wait another 10 minutes looking for the manager?? wow!! This store's employee has too much time for 10 cents bag.

But real worst part is not that -- it actually came from Manager Tracy Villanueva herself . .

Earlier when I just entered the store, I saw Tracy Villanueva arguing unpleasantly & loudly and threatening another lady consumer buying several bags to leave the store or security will drag her out for cutting the line or something .. looking at how many bags this customer was buying - I thought that was harsh & unnecessary to resolve this way..

But hey .. half an hour later Tracy Villanueva Coach General Manager from Milpitas Great Mall store is right in front of me .. arguing she can not give additional shopping bag and when I got upset telling her we bought 5 coach bags and you can only give 1 shopping bag? ..she further insult customer to be professional or she need to drag us out of the store with store security .. .

Seems that - it is more important for Tracy Villanueva Coach General Manager to exercise her ego more than doing what is right for customer . If she really constantly enjoy calling security .. why work as as store manager go work as 911 tele operator so she can help call police all time? .. ..

I expect Tracy Villanueva Coach General Manager to step in and resolve the issue to reasonable manner quickly & courteously .. not escalate the problem further with insulting reasonable customer request by telling us to be "professional" and threatening to call the security to drag us out .. wow ! wow!So much for $0.10 extra shopping bag request ??

Here are the reasons why one of the coach board of directors should immediately drag Tracy Villanueva out of coach store to help coach loyal customers & clean up coach image.

1) Coach General Manager Tracy Villanueva did NOT understand not stocking enough shopping bags in store ahead for holiday is NOT consumer problem, but is store problem . Its her failure to plan the logistic ahead. Lack of professionalism

2) Consumer asking multiple shopping bag to carry because they bought so many multiple items is store is a GOOD thing for COACH !! -- even you have specific rule , she should've apply reasonable judgment to smooth out the problem and make exceptions quietly .. instead of arguing bad mouth customer while disturbing & scaring other customers .. for additional $.10 bag request, .. .

It seems that Tracy Villanueva - love exercising her ego vs logic & has NO or ZERO understanding of store bottom line or consumer service skill. You stop insulting different consumer every 10 minutes in store (or )threatening every other consumer to get out of store with store security ..

Tracy Villanueva - If you have ego problem quit consumer service career, you surely are not cut out for that . .but again I forgot you probably could NOT find any other jobs with your super weak logic & lack of situational judgment.

I WILL not support coach purchases further to support such individual's salary & in fact I just sold ALL my coach stock after this incident as well . I will publicize this incident until 1 of the Coach's board of directors is fully aware of this store manager Tracy Villanueva problems & which cost coach's image, $$ bottom line, publicity & consumer satisfaction.

Here is the question for Board of directors: : How could this type of person like Tracy Villanueva who lack logistic, consumer service, problem solving skill with huge ego could be Coach store manager??????

Until such managers are in place I would urge all my friends /family to stay away from coach stores.


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