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Posted on Thursday, December 27th, 2012 at 7:48am CST by patient h.

Product: surgeon, Dr Mallen

Company: Triangle Orthopedics

Location: 249 Highway 54 Durham N.c.
DURHAM, NC, 27713, US

Category: Other

DR Mallen did surgery on my rotator cuff DEc 18 and sent me home

with a teen age child with not hone health care and I was neglected

all that time, falling off the bed, not eating, not shower, or

dressing wound, no one to help me and wound being jepardized by lack

of care. I called his office as was hung up on by his secretaroial

people. He is out of country but there are peoplel there that could

authorize rehab and they refused and the therapist sent to m y house

saw the condition and reported he could not do rehabe with me in this

condition and requesed help and was ignored. I was hung up on by

Mallen's office. I have been neglected and left to suffer alone with

not help and that is not good for a 66 yr old woman who cant use

her arms and fell out of bed and can't get food, bathe, or dress,

much less drive for groceries. He was asked to authoirze home health

care before the surgery and I was ignored. I need to be sent to

rehab. Medicare will pay for it and I also have a private LTC

policy if needed but my needs have been ignored and I punished for

crying on the phone angry at being helpless. This practice is

shameful. Althoug he is being paid for the sergery by Medicare, I

am still a patient and should be treated with respect and care.

I have not been and am still suffering. Help me please.


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