Trane - Trane Clean Effects is Junk

Posted on Thursday, December 27th, 2012 at 5:17pm CST by D M.

Product: Trane Clean Effects

Company: Trane

Location: US


Category: Home, Garden

In April of 2011 we bought a Rheem Whole House heating and HVAC unit with a Trane Clean Effects from Home Depot, we purchased an additional bi-annual inspection and cleaning for 12 years.

The installation contractor was called here no less than 5 times fixing the "stupid" that was used in installing this. Things like the shipping strap left on the blower wheel and running the flue in front of all the access doors including the Electronic Air filter so you could even pull the cells to clean. Well If this Trane Clean Effects Removes 99% plus from the air then it ignores the dirt and dust in Metro Phoenix, AZ area. I kept complaining that my house had more dirt with the clean effects than when I only had MERV 8 pleated filters. They come out and clean this thing by washing the cells which in reading the nomenclature is not permitted, vacuum only, it reads. When the dirt persisted and finally I wrote the Contractor, Home Depot had stopped answering my E-mails to fix the problem! The contractor failed to register any of the equipment with the manufacturers. Home Depot Corporate had all but Trane reinstate them. Trane only offered us a year?s Warranty. So after a long letter to the contractors, they offered to pull the Clean Effects and replace it no charge with a Rheem High End Unit that had pre filters, the electronics and post filters. After the technicians removed the Trane Unit, this young Tech said, you know this was missing the pre-filter that catches all the big stuff before the electronics? Instead of telling me this before they yanked it, and 5 previous visits including their best tech, why didn't someone notice this think was missing a major component. They removed it from the box new and it did not have any paperwork or the pre-filter. After the purchase, Trane was the wrench in the works, they refused to offer the original warranty because of contractor error, the box had no installation instructions or user?s manual, and was missing the pre-filter. I do not respect their claims of removing 99.whatever% contaminants when dirt is actually flying out of my ducts. I could care less about power consumption and snapping that at least tells me the unit is working. Something can stop a Trane! I Can! And I did, I had it pulled from my house and thrown in the trash where it belongs. My whole unit is Rheem and I want to thank them for making such a fine product.

I would never recommend buying anything from Trane given their behavior, it is atrocious and self-serving. On the other hand Rheem dropped my Air Conditioning bill in the Second Hottest City on earth by almost $40 a month.


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