Sananda Spiritual Centre - Item paid for but never received and no contact from them at all.

Posted on Wednesday, December 26th, 2012 at 11:55pm CST by Christine P.

Product: Item PST08 Kwan yin sitting statue

Company: Sananda Spiritual Centre

Location: Sananda shop PO box 530367
SAN DIEGO, CA, 92153, US


Category: Online Shopping

Oh Dear Again, my order was on the 8th of October 2012 .... Ironically for a Kwan Yin Statue as I have been very very unwell. Pd via Paypal immediate transaction $65 dollars gone in the wind. I have tried to contact them over 30 times no answer just like the rest of you lovely people.i am still very very unwell but after reading all the above . I feel I will also make a formal complaint to PayPal. I know it won't really do much but then. These people have no right doing this to us all in the name of spirituality. I'm going to try as I am bedridden so have the time. I am in Australia so it will be a little bit harder but maybe Karma might get them. Best of luck everyone.

I have never received my order but I did receive a receipt from them that my item has been paid for. They are un contactable by any means.


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