Lynda Lake - Lynda Lake - Dishonest Horse Trader

Posted on Saturday, December 22nd, 2012 at 8:42pm CST by s v.

Product: Horse Trader

Company: Lynda Lake

Location: 4214 Arch Road


Category: Pets, Animals

Lynda Lake is a horse trader out of Stockton, Ca. She also boards, trains and consigns horses. Represents herself has an equine professional and expert at "Matching Horses & Humans". She grossly misrepresented Duke, a quarter horse gelding as 13 years old and stated you can "Do it all on him". Soon after the purchase I noticed something wrong with him. Had 2 vets look at him and finally took him to UC Davis for evaluation. All agreed that Duke is closer to 20 years old, blind in one eye and has navicular in his pasterns. Aside from the obvious not disclosure of health issues, there is a HUGE difference in value between a 13 year old and a 20 year old horse. After the purchase, Lake would not return emails or phone calls for months, which prompted me to warn other potential consumers about this dishonest horse trader. Yes, horse traders have a bad name for a reason, but this one is exceptionally bad. She advertises on her website -, also on Craigslist, YouTube (under name luvinourhorses), EquineNow and HorseClicks.


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Buddy K., 2013-01-11, 01:47PM CST

Glad to see someone is calling Lake to the mat about her bad horse trading. She is as bad as they come.

Lorena I., 2013-02-27, 06:15PM CST

I am having my own issue with Lynda Lake ,I would Like to know what your exsperiance was with her Buddy K. ?


jo b., 2013-10-20, 07:35PM CDT

I am with you Lynda is a snake. I bought two horses for my kids from her quite a few years ago. One died of spleen cancer soon after purchase. The other has been lame and NOT a kids horse since the day I brought him home. He was sold as a 15 year old trail horse. He was at least 20, cannot be ridden without other horses,herd bound, he , he will just stop and buck, will spook and bolt if he hears anything behind him etc. Some kids horse. Lynda woudl not return my calls either and was very quick to cash the check. Be very aware of her tactics.

0f9b5ddc, 2014-06-03, 06:09PM CDT

Does anyone have an email they would be willing to provide to talk about Lynda. We've had issues as well. My exercise rider broke her arm on a horse that she 'trained' among other things.

B B., 2014-07-26, 12:07PM CDT

She sold me a sick horse and did not disclose its dangerous side. She told me it was bomb proof and completely safe for my beginner daughter - It was NOT! This horse would freak out at nothing and bucked badly! I have pictures taken of this horse two days after I got it with white yellow snot pouring from its nose and had the vet confirm this horse was sick! She refused to return calls forever and when I did finally speak to her she denied the allegations.

Natalie N., 2014-07-26, 12:05PM CDT

Had a similar experience with this woman. I bought a horse from her in December for my daughter. He was supposed to be 20 years old and sound. Everyone, even the vet, said that he was probably more than 20 years old. He was serviceably sound for about 2 months then started having problems. When the farrier removed his front shoes and trimmed his feet he asked me if he had a history of founder. I said not that I know of. I had a different farrier do his feet in April and he asked me the same thing and showed me how his hooves had flared out as they grew, and how there was evidence of bleeding in the white line that indicated he had foundered in the past. He has been kept in a dry lot pasture since I have had him. I also had the vet out in April to evaluate his lameness. At that point he was on joint supplements and bute DAILY, but still shifted his weight constantly when standing. He was also laying down most of the day. He took hoof X-rays and an xray of his right stifle and said it was one of the worst he had ever seen!!! He said it was textbook for arthritis and joint degeneration. He said we could never ride him again and that he would recommend he be put down due to his constant pain. It was such a hard decision for us. We finally put him down in the beginning of June. My daughter was so sad and I was left with some very big vet bills to pay. Stay away from Lynda Lake and warn everyone you can about her!!!

de5f7527, 2014-07-27, 06:35PM CDT

IS that her REAL NAME?

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