Sayan Production (a.k.a. Sayan photography) - beware of Massih (the owner) he will rip you off and not give your money back

Posted on Friday, December 21st, 2012 at 12:10pm CST by Jonah M.

Product: Poster prints

Company: Sayan Production (a.k.a. Sayan photography)

Location: 7711 Yonge Street


Category: Wedding Services

So I wanted to get my posters printed from this place near my neighbourhood and I come across this young Persian man by the name of "Massih" who told me that if I wanted to get posters printed, I had to pay 33% of $500 ($166) and pick up my posters a month later.

A month later, when I showed up to get my posters, some of them were smudged and the others had their logos and letters missing.

So I demanded that they reprint it but this other lying goon who was also Persian and red-haired who went by the name of "Amin", told me they could not reprint it and that it wasn't their fault "because I provided them with the designs."??

Does this make any sense?

If I provided "Massih" with the designs a month ago, then why didn't he tell me anything about the design flaws when we clearly went over it for almost 4 hours together? He (Massih) even looked at it before and said it was "okay" before he printed them.

Anyways I also found that "Massih" and his family were in on scamming a lot people out of their money by charging them different prices. For example if I wanted 100 posters done of the same size, it would cost me around $500 but for another person (which would be the same size poster), they would get it $200 less simply because they were Persian like Massih. And if they were of Irish descent like me, Massih would over-price them and rip them off (just like he did to me as I am of Irish heritage.).

Don't go and get your prints or photos done by this man, because all he will ever do is rip you off and not give you a proper brochure to display the prices properly (like how other companies do) and will over-charge you.

And to add insult-to-injury, he will keep that 33% and not give it back to you nor will he take the time to redo the mistaken prints.

I attached a photo of this culprit by the name of "Massih" so that you guys can watch out for him and be cautious of doing business with him in the near future.

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scott wilson, 2012-12-22, 02:48AM CST

I am not Iranian, and I have been working with these people for ages and for my wedding, my parties and even my businesses I never had any problem with them, they are on time and customer service oriented and not to mention very economical.

speaking of price, before I get to know them I was offered 10K for my wedding by someone else and elsewhere, but when I met with Masih for the first time Masih amazingly well priced the services that I wanted for only 4k and he told me It will take up to 30 days to get your video and the albums all together done, which he also delivered and in fact it was better than what I thought it will be.

I had no issue with him and this establishment, I will also recommend them to all my friends and families

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