Bank of America - Rude Service

Posted on Thursday, December 20th, 2012 at 10:02am CST by Nicole T.

Company: Bank of America

Location: TX, US


Category: Real Estate

We have had many problems with Bank of America in the past since they bought out Countrywide (whom we had no problems with) in the swtich Bank of America lost $2000.00 even though bank statements showed that it was paid we were still forced to come up with that money again or they were threatining to forclose on the house. Then they continue to call with threating phone calls even in the grace period of the payment. Yesterday was the last straw, we are refinancing the house through them since we did not have much of a choice, I called over to a Ruby Carrol and was asking what paper needed to be faxed over in order to close on the house by the same week, she would not speak up so I asked her again and she hung up on me. I called my husband and told him of the situation and he called her and asked for a supervisor she told him NO that she did not have time for this and hung up on him. This is a ridiculous way to treat people and it needs to stop, if there is a way that this crooked and rude company can be taken to it's knees than that is what we need to do.


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