Best Buy - LePan Tablet

Posted on Thursday, December 20th, 2012 at 11:43am CST by elra murphy

Product: LePan Tablets

Company: Best Buy

Location: 1979 Pavillion wy lexington,ky 40509

Category: Consumer Electronics

yes I purchased a LePan tablet from best buy,8 months later while I was playing it,it went off and would not come back on,well I called best buy,they informed me I would hav't to contact LePan support,that is a night mare,turns out to be a night mare,I have call the support number,they say your call will be answered in 5 min,30 mins later they just cut you off,if you email them they will not return your emails,turns out this is not LePan support its a company that does thier repairs,I looked up complaints on LePan Tablets,just type in complaints on lepan tablets.Best Buy knows this why don't they stand up for thier coustomers,this is a wake up call for me.IF YOU BUY ANYTHING CHECK OUT WARRNETY,THE COMPANYS NAME THAT DOES REPAIR IS

A&D Electronics,they do repairs for DuraBand,Element,Hann.G,philips,vizia,RCA please always check out your warrenty GOOD,THIS IS MY OPINION.


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