Posted on Thursday, December 20th, 2012 at 10:15pm CST by Antoinette S.

Product: Timbertech decking

Company: Timbertech

Location: OH, US

Category: Building, Construction

New deck put on in July 2012. Spots on boards called said warranty voided . They sent a product that would clean. Made it worse. Suppose to send someone to clean. Had to call numerous times. Finally receive a call told it would be taken care of. Asked for e-mail so they wouldn't forget about me. Nothing in response. Deck cost a lot and I feel Timbertech doesn't stand behind their products.


John S., 2013-07-11, 11:55AM CDT

I purchased a $12,000 deck in 2011,installed in August, spring of 2013 the boards are sagging and the ends of the floorboards are curling up. I went to Timbertech to file a claim, they said " post some photos and send a scan of the invoice. one week later, Timbertech replies: We'll need more photos and "The invoice provided with the claim is just a contractors invoice. I will need you to provide me with a copy or copies of original sales receipts that will show a list of the TimberTech materials that were purchased for your deck." The only invoice I have is the contractor's invoice, and I already sent a dozen photos.I'm completely unimpressed with the quality of Timbertech's product, and their customer service is more like customer "dis-service". How about sending out a rep to look at the problem. If you're considering Timbertech products, consider again.

7e574c3b, 2015-04-17, 11:12AM CDT

I purchase Timber teck decking. I just had it completed. The material looks good, but I don't have much time on it. I do have complaint about the end paint they sent me. It does not match the sandy Birch color of my deck at all. I tried to get a return on it and they refused. Saying that's as close as they could get. so I am out $36.00 . You would think they would want a satisfied customer.. Guess not..

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