TD Bank - TD Bank reopens a closed account to accept ACH then loots 30% of deposit

Posted on Wednesday, December 19th, 2012 at 7:03pm CST by 48b6992d

Company: TD Bank

Location: 300 Franklin Street


Category: Unauthorized Charges

STAY AWAY. I went into this bank and met with the manager and closed my account & I walked out with the cash last month. Now I see a TD Bank statement in my box when there should not be one since I already got the finalized statement. I open the envelope to only find they accepted a ACH deposit after the account was closed and according to assistant branch manager Kat Raycraft, as a courtesy to me the bank reopened my closed checking account to accept the ach deposit and by reactivating my bank account TD Bank charged me a $25 monthly statement fee and then charged me with a $20 overdraft fee because there was no money in the account previous to the deposit to cover the monthly statement fee debit.

Now lets do the math here. The account was closed and TD Bank reopened it without my permission to accept a $140 ACH incoming deposit and then as a courtesy to me deducted $45 in fees from my account. Those fees total over 1/3 of the deposit. How is this being done as a courtesy to me I asked Kat? She said it was in the bank agreement I signed. I asked her to get me the agreement booklet for this account and show me where it says that TD Bank has a right to reopen a closed account. She could not find in the booklet what she claimed was there. I didn't think she would!!

This bank has a license to steal your money by reopening a closed account and debiting 1/3 the deposit in statement and overdraft fees as a customer courtesy. STAY AWAY. TD Bank messed up everything from the day I opened my account, which is why I closed it. Why would they think this is a courtesy to the customer?

TD Bank is only interested in hitting the customer with unjust fees and performing dirty banking and is NOT There for the customer, To Td Bank the customer is a Muppet and nothing more.

I had to go back down to the bank to close my account a second time & I was fuming. I cannot even finish up my days work because I am so mad about this entire situation. STAY AWAY. This bank is what these evil big banks are all about. it is not about the customer but about how much money they can swindle from the customer in courtesy fees even after you are no longer their customer. This should be a crime.


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