DIRECTV - Hidden Charges

Posted on Wednesday, December 19th, 2012 at 3:52pm CST by Ron C.

Product: Satellite Servive

Company: DIRECTV

Location: Denver


Category: TV, Music, Video

I know that this is just one of the many complaints that you must receive on a regular basis concerning DIRECTV and the way that they deceive their paying customers, but I hope that with this complaint added to what must be a very large pile of complaints might do some good and help shed light some of their questionable practices.

I need to start out by saying that I have been a loyal customer of DIRECTV since 2007 and I have never been late with a payment or had to make a partial payment.

I have my DIRECTV service provided through Century link in Denver CO. as part of a bundle.

When I contacted Century link the company that I have had my phone service with for over 40 years Century link stated that they could not help me concerning issues with DIRECTV service even though I make the payment to Century link.

When I contacted DIRECTV and asked why my bill with them was as large as it was for the package that I had($87.99 Per Month) they told me that I was on a older plan for my service and that I could change to a newer plan that would give me a better package at a lower cost.

I inquired about the various plans and was sent the information that included the different plans that they had and the price for each plan.

I chose the Choice Extra Package listed on DIRECTVs website that is shown to be $68.99 a month and $5.99 for their protection plan in case there is an equipment failure, which totals $74.99..

I contacted DIRECTV by phone on 6 occasions, talked to six different reps., and asked what the final price per month would be for the Choice Extra Package.

On all contacts that were recorded and can be confirmed by the recordings, I was told that the total price for the package would be $74.99 per month.

I made sure that asked all six of the Reps. if the $74.99 total per month was the full price per month and as the recordings can verify the answer was always the same.

The monthly total would not exceed $74.99 per month.

On Sunday Dec. 16, I received an order conformation showing that my package had been changed to the $68.99 Choice Extra Package and contacted DIRECTV to ask them why the $5.99 for the protection plan did not show on the conformation.

After speaking to four Reps, I was told that the $68.99 was only part of my monthly charges and the correct cost per month will be $97.97.

I was never told that there were any hidden or additional costs just the total of $74.98 per month.

On Sunday Dec. 16th I found out that DIRECTV had included a lot of hidden charges for their service.

The charges including the hidden are listed here

Choice Extra Package $68.99

Protection Plan $5.99

DIRECTV Extra Pack $4.99

HD Charge $10.00

DVR Charge $8.00

Total For new Program Plan $97.97

The hidden Charge is $22.99 per month.

While $22.99 does not seem like a large amount when you multiply it 1by 12 is is now 266.28 per year.

With the creative way that DIRECTV is charging their customers, the amount that they are getting from their customers through their hidden charges and the number of times they are doing this creative pricing the number of hidden charges becomes very large and can represent a great deal of money.

It probably would be a great idea if some federal agency that can do something to stop this kind of underhanded billing practice look at this and do what they can to stop the customer abuse.


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