Pearle Vision - Scam and not honoring warranty

Posted on Wednesday, December 19th, 2012 at 11:59am CST by michelle

Company: Pearle Vision

Location: 3811 S. Cooper St

Category: Health, Beauty

In June of 2012 I purchase a pair of glasses for my son at Pearle Vision at 3811 S. Cooper St #2004; Arlington, TX 76015 for $99.

Within one week of the purchase, the frames simply fell apart. We took them back to Pearle Vision; the gentleman working there looked at them and said the frames were defective. To which I told him, ?OK, if you sold me defective frames one week ago and they are already broke can you please replace them.? To which he told me no, because we only paid $99 for the glasses and the glasses that they sell for $99 are on the clearance rack, (Which it is not marked clearance in anyway), and those glasses are on clearance because they are defected and discontinued. And that I would have to purchase a new pair.

To which I asked him, and repeated several time, ?Wait you knowingly and purposely sold me defective frames, knowing that they would break and I would have to pay full price for another pair just weeks later.? He confirmed this was ABSOLUTELY true. The next day I called the manager and he confirmed the same thing.

I am a single mother, $100 is a lot to me, and I could not afford to replace them, so the people up there would jimmy-rig the glasses to stay together temporarily, but my son and I would have to go up to the shop every 4 or 5 days to get them fixed again.

Finally in August 2012, Pearle Vision offered to give us a 50% discount on a new pair and a family member said they would help pay for another pair of glasses for my son. We went back to Pearle Vision and I stood in the shop, repeating to the man several times, just to make sure I had it right, telling him I wanted a pair of glasses with a warranty on them, and I did not want another defective pair of glasses again.

The man PROMISED me and repeated to me several times, if we purchased a pair of glasses from anywhere except the clearance rack they would have a 1 year replacement warranty, and they would not be defective or discontinued.

So we purchased a pair of $300 glasses with the 50% discount, it cost about $150.

In December 2012, 3 months later. Those glasses broke as well. Knowing that we had purchased them under a 1 year warranty, we took them back to Pearle Vision to get them replaced.

When we went up there, the man told us that the frames were discontinued and even though we paid more for the expensive glasses under the warranty that they will not honor the warranty because they are discontinued and we would have to purchase yet another pair.

This Pearle Vision, is running a major scam. They are intentionally selling people defective products, in order to get those people to come back and buy more expensive frames. And they are promising warranties and then not honoring them. Someone has to do something about this business. They are by far one of the most unethical, crooked, shady, underhanded, and unprofessional businesses I have ever dealt with in my life.


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