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Posted on Wednesday, December 19th, 2012 at 9:34pm CST by Contractor4 H.

Company: 3 Point Lender Service

Location: US

Category: Building, Construction

It?s hard to add any new information that the multitude of complaints regarding 3 Point Lender Services have not already covered. I have been working in the home repair industry for close to 25 years now and have grown accustomed to unpleasant customers and clients alike. That being said, even I was left awestruck at the lack of respect given to me and reprehensible attitude of 3 Point Lender Services Operations Manager Kim Guevara. Her attitude and treatment of fellow contractors has been quite well documented in these forums so I will spare the additional remarks but must say all I have read on the woman is accurate to the line and reflects my own experiences. I have taken her out of the picture completely, as I no longer need the headaches and now deal directly with the accountant Michael Smith/Sam .While I have had my frustrations with the office staff of 3 Point Lender Services I try not to hold their short comings against them considering they are under the directions of a manager like Kim Guevara. As we all know training comes from the top and considering the lack of industry knowledge portrayed by Kim Guevara they can not be blamed for their lack of abilities. Moreover, the most frustrating issue with 3 Point Lender Services is payment. My first check did not arrive till the 76 day mark and that was only after countless emails, voicemails and the threat of property liens. When I did receive my first check it was short nearly $1500 with no explanation available. I have since stopped working for the company and spend my spare time chasing down my remaining claims. To add insult I have continued to receive emails and voicemails asking why I have not serviced properties I have not been paid for in over 2 months and going as far as to inform me that my payments are being cut and account back charged for not maintaining the properties. Before you even consider accepting work from 3 Point Lender Services take a read to the links below and see what fellow contractors are saying.









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