Club Adminstrative Services - Battle to get my Gold's Gym/Max Fitness membership canceled.

Posted on Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 at 2:01pm CST by Brandon B.

Product: Gym Membership

Company: Club Adminstrative Services

Location: 233 12th Street Suite 333


Category: Health, Beauty

Back in December 2011, I was enlisting to the U.S. Army. At the time I was under a Gold's Gym Membership in Auburn, AL. They told me the day I signed up that if I was to leave the area and not be coming back to leave my new address I was moving to and that they would cancel my membership with no extra charge. Between the time I got the membership and the time I went to basic Gold's Gym was replaced by Max Fitness. I didn't sign a new contract or anything with Max Fitness. Club Administrative Services said that my Gold's Gym membership would just rollover into the Max Fitness membership with the same terms that I signed up under. So when I was to leave in January 2012 for military basic training. I called Club Administrative Services to let them I needed to cancel my membership. They told me to send the request for cancellation, I believe it was $75 dollars, and my military orders to go to basic. I reminded them of the terms under Gold's Gym and they said you still have to do this. So I decided to not cause conflict I did as they said just to get rid of them. I sent a money order and everything they said to get my membership canceled. During basic I get medically retired and I moved to Kentucky. As soon as I get to my new home I start getting harassing phone calls to pay my bill. So I called them back and asked why this was happening when I did everything I was supposed to to cancel the membership. They said well we got your cancellation request and your orders but we didn't get a money order. So they said if you go ahead and send a money order we will leave you alone. I asked if they were sure there was nothing else I had to do to cancel the membership. They said no. About month later they call saying you have pending charges. So now I have to pay them $79.90 then they will leave me alone. This time if they do not leave me alone after this I will sue Club Administrative Services and smear the reputation among military and everyone else. If there was a black list I would do anything I could to have them put there. They have very bad customer service and they are liars. Because of them I will never do business with any gym.

Here's another thing the URL from their website is not recognized as valid URL. Isn't this kinda sketchy? Oh also their email address on their contact page is an invalid email address as well. There are no other email address for them. Very sketchy.


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