Helzberg Diamonds at Augusta Mall in Augusta GA

Posted on Saturday, December 15th, 2012 at 3:05pm CST by Dr Franklyn B.

Company: Helzberg Diamonds at Augusta Mall in Augusta GA

Location: US

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Helzberg Diamonds @ The Augusta Mall in Augusta GA; is a lousy space to do business with or work for, the managers constantly mistreat their employees, that's why they always quit working there!! The Managers & staff are mostly incompetent & racist jerks... I worked for the company for a while, and what I've experienced there; harassment & discrimination: The District Manger turns a blind eye to whatever happens, and allows the store manager; Raymond Husband to mistreat black customers and new employees. His staff are a group of unprofessional & incompetent people, who really don't know anything about the jewelry Business, except for how to lie to customers, stab co-workers in the back, and be rude to customers who complain about Helzberg's lousy customer service. I wouldn't buy any jewelry from those clowns. They harass & mistreat fellow associates, who are better jewelry salesmen than they are. Raymond and the gang often violate the Helzberg Diamonds business policies.

Other Complaints Against Helzberg Diamonds: December 2008 when I noticed that the shank, 3/8 marquee diamond, and prongs was all missing out of my ring. Took my ring to Helzberg fully expecting them to fix it since they are suppose to have such a great warranty and so customer oriented. Boy was I wrong. They are trying to get me to pay 800.00 to have my diamond replaced.

And get a load of this, between shipping from the store to corporate and back to the store they lost one of my smaller diamonds. I have gotten every excuse in the book about them fixing my ring and have been without it since December. All I want is my ring fixed. Don't go to Helzberg!!! They will not warranty your ring like they say they do. Go to a jeweler that has a REAL WARRANTY and will fix your ring without the arguments and hassles. I am still battling with them to get it fixed.

Another Complaint: Helzberg Diamonds @ The Augusta Mall on Wrightsboro Rd: Many people have experienced job harassment & discrimination, The District manager is Incompetent, and allows a bad store manager to mistreat black customers & new employees, that's why Helzberg can never keep people employed with the company!! The staff are a group of unprofessional people, that fight over commissions, stab each other in the back, and no nothing about the Jewelry Business, except for lying to customers, being rude to customers who complain about their lousy customer service, & messing up purchase orders.. I used to work there, and I 've witnessed the store manager & his staff fumble at the mouth on the phone, constantly making personal phone calls, and helping lousy employees conspire against new-hires or any good employee that goes a better job at sales than them!! I and a lot of people hate working at Helzberg Diamonds; there's also a lot of racism & hostility in the workplace (like Windsor Jewelers). I was happy to quit there..


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