JC PENNEY @ The Augusta Mall

Posted on Saturday, December 15th, 2012 at 3:20pm CST by Dr Franklyn B.

Company: JC PENNEY @ The Augusta Mall

Location: US

Category: Job, Career

"bad service"

JC Penney at the Augusta Mall, is not a good company AT ALL; they're always changing their stores to confuse customers, have different prices on the sales tags to cheat customers, & is constantly trying to find ways to mistreat loyal customers, and good employees. JC Penney frequently suffers from wrongful terminations (and huge turnovers) of good employees, or they quit due to discriminatory policies unfairly enforced against them... JC PENNEY @ The Augusta Mall on Wrightsboro Rd: Many people have experienced job harassment & discrimination, The District manager & mangers are all Incompetent, and allow a bad store manager & assistant mangers to mistreat black male customers & new employees (esp. men or better sales persons), that's why JC Penney can never keep people employed with the company, and the store is always robbed due to incompetent loss prevention officers!! The staff are a group of unprofessional managers & hateful women, that fight over commissions, stab each other in the back, and know nothing about how to treat people right, except for lying to customers, being rude to customers who complain about their lousy customer service, & messing up sales merchandise orders.. I used to work there, and I've witnessed the store manager & her staff fumbles at the mouth on the phone, constantly making personal phone calls, and helping lousy employees conspire against new-hires to lose their jobs for no reason. And the managers harass any good employee that goes a better job at sales than them!! I and a lot of people hate working at JC Penney; there's also a lot of racism, feminism, & hostility in the workplace. I was happy to quit there..

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ce6f32d0, 2013-12-26, 12:15AM CST

That is what happens when a bunch of women work together....

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