Wall Street Journal - Never stop delivery

Posted on Friday, December 14th, 2012 at 12:06pm CST by 44e1966d

Product: Wall Street Journal - News Paper

Company: Wall Street Journal

Location: CA, US

Category: Magazines, Newspapers

I cancelled my WSJ subscription several months ago but the paper keeps coming every day. I have called their customer service for 10+ times. Every time they told me they will send a notice to the field manager. However, the paper is never stopped! I got transferred to several supervisors and again it didn?t help. Last time I was away from my house, I had 7 newspapers pile up on my drive way. Thank GOD my neighbor picked them up before someone breaks into my house. Now I have to cancel all my trips so I could be home picking up the WSJ everyday!!!

20 emails and 15 phone calls later, I don?t know what else I can do to stop this delivery. I want to file this complaint and hoping this will make something happen eventually. Also hope to warn other WSJ subscribers, letting them know their paper may be coming everyday unexpectedly while they are away from the house. It can be very dangerous in some neighborhood.


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