Great Lakes Boerboels LLC - Boerboel puppy

Posted on Thursday, January 10th, 2013 at 10:33pm CST by Lisa D.

Product: Dogs

Company: Great Lakes Boerboels LLC



Category: Pets, Animals

We paid for and had shipped to us a boerboel puppy. Our vet found a heart murmur. After having the puppy for 2 months Alexanders said we should pay $450+ dollars to ship it back and we pay another $450 to ship another puppy to us. They admitted they have had heart murmurs in passed dogs. Our vet said it is genetic. They offered to take $1000. off the next puppy we buy from them. Really! We don't want another bad puppy from this puppy mill. We asked to be refunded 1/2 of the price for our sick puppy to cover further vet cost and they refused. Even offered breeding rights for the puppy with the genetically bad heart.

Update: Another vet visit. Puppy still has a heart murmur at 6 months old. Our vet says it probably genetic. Now we start expensive tests and treatments. Great lakes wont refund money. They have a BULL SHIT Guarantee.


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