Pick N' Save - Howard - VP ofOperations in Milwaukee area

Posted on Thursday, December 13th, 2012 at 10:36am CST by Joan M.

Company: Pick N' Save

Location: Pewaukee,Wi.

Category: Food

I was informed that a good friend of mine was fired by Pick N Save in Pewaukee after 7 years of good work.She was fired because *as it turns out) Howard, the regional VP of 27 stores in the Milwaukee area (mine included on 43rd/Greenfield, came with 3complaints and did not like her attitude for a half-eaten cupcake he had purchsed on the 21st with an expiration of the 21st.He felt it should not have been on the shelf. Really...!! And myfriend was fired for this...no warning,no retraining, just a firing because of his choosing. What does that say about the rights of an employee trying to do the best at her job?!?

I wrote to the store and received a "Thanks for yoiur email" from Johnny. But that does little for a good employee! Even on "Undercover Boss": the bosses understand their employees and give them retraining or go over policy with the persons they have issues with.

Fine. I will shop with my pocketbook and money at the competitors, which I have already done. And I do a lot of shopping (if you check my Pick N Save card). I have already gone to El Rey, Aldi, Piggly Wiggly and Walgreensin the past 2 weeks...andmy christmas cooking and entertaining have been busy these days! I also have been encouraging my family and friends to shop elsewhere!


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