Whiteoak Ford - Completely Disgusting Most Horrible Service Ever

Posted on Thursday, December 13th, 2012 at 10:06pm CST by Cocoa N.

Product: Automobile service

Company: Whiteoak Ford

Location: 3285 Mavis Road

URL: Www.whiteoakford.com

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

I received a recall on my Ford Escape for a problem with the cruise control and my boss recommended that I take my car to Whiteoak Ford as that's where his wife takes her car because they read somewhere that Whiteoak had won awards in the past for service - So, I took my escape in and asked them to also do a tune up and oil change along with the recall. The bill for them doing an oil change and "changing a couple of spark plugs" came to a whopping $567.00 and to boot - After they apparently fixed my cruise control problem, my cruise control no longer works. When I called them to complain that my cruise control no longer works, they told me that they had nothing to do with that and it's my problem. My husband did a google search of the recall and found out that if a garage does not have the part necessary to fix the problem they will just disconnect the cruise control altogether (the decent honest ones will tell you that's what they have done and will schedule you to come back once the part is in)- Consequently, I will be bringing my car to an other mechanic to have them investigate. I would advise anyone who has a problem with their ford and needs service - not to worry, there are lots of mechanics out there who are good, decent and honest people who will actually fix your car and not charge you an arm and a leg to do so. I will never take my vehicle to Whiteoak ford again and I will definitely not buy my next escape from them either.

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Dude L., 2012-12-16, 05:05PM CST

I would call the dealership and tell them that you want to make an appointment to go in and personally speak to the general manager or owner and then tell him how you feel. My guess is he will give you a partial refund and try to make you feel better about the situation. Good luck............Dave in KY

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