3 Point Lender Service - SCAM COMPANY, NO PAY, BEWARE

Posted on Thursday, December 13th, 2012 at 9:36pm CST by Shane L.

Company: 3 Point Lender Service

Location: US

URL: 3pointls.com

Category: Building, Construction

3 Point Lender Services is absolutely a scam company. Easily the worst company I have ever worked for. The work 3 Point Lender Services offers is subpar and sparse. They sub contract subcontracted work from actual companies act as a middleman and do nothing. Their pricing is a complete joke and if you expect to get paid, forget about it. 3 Point Lender Services accounting department is nonexistent and I do not believe they even have an accountant as I have never been able to speak with one, EVER. I have been trying to get paid for work I completed over 9 months ago and have yet to ever receive a check for any initial service or inspection I have completed and all I get is transferred to a voicemail. When you call the office you have to deal with completely inept and incompetent staff the worst of which is the operations manager Kim Guevara. Every time I have tried to speak with someone in charge I am transferred to this ignorant, rude and downright moronic woman who has no idea how to complete any service 3 point lender services offers or even understands her own companies work/procedures. If the nonpayment wasn?t bad enough knowing that 3Point Lender Services is run by a clueless individual like Kim Guevara is enough to never associate with them. I have now had to go out of pocket yet again and hire a lawyer in order to have liens placed against their properties and pursue legal action in an effort to recoup the money owed to me. Fellow contractors beware! 3 Point Lender Services is the type of company you hear horror stories about.


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