Target - Target internet shopping, payment by Paypal

Posted on Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 at 10:20am CST by Cynthia C.

Company: Target

Location: US

Category: Stores, Shopping

Be aware. Target has agreement with paypal that they will NOT credit your account for returns. Target sends a gift card for the purchased amount to be spent at their store!

I purchased a Christmas tree for $212.00. It arrived damaged. They sent out a replacment, charged my visa card a second time and then upon receiving the damaged returned tree, they emailed me an in store credit for $212.00. I was not planning on spending aother $212. Dollars!!

Paypal rep. told me Target is the only store with this policy and they have attempted many times to get them to refund people's money with no luck.

$212.00 to me is a car payment. Maybe the top guys at Target who salaries are in the millions need a reality check!!!


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