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Posted on Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 at 8:07am CST by Seth M.

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Groupon lures consumers with "half price" offers and a very "simple" money back guarantee. I bought a half-price offer not realizing that I had less than sixty days to take advantage of the offer or I would lose the promotional value (not my original investment) I tried to invoke the money-back guarantee and Groupon repeatedly refuses to refund my money. Many of the half-price offers are not actually half-price (especially services where a company offers similar deals to new customers)

I told Groupon that the window (around 60 days) was shorter than any deal I'd ever seen and was shocked that it had already expired. Too bad - I failed to read the "fine print." They also use an annoying trick where you buy something and you have to wait at least a day -- that keeps many more customers from actually using their Groupon. It's no accident that Groupon's stock price has lost 66% in value over the last 15 months or so.

In my opinion, the best solution is to avoid Groupon and you'll avoid unnecessary impulse buys and the predatory "gotcha" practices.


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sally t., 2013-01-05, 09:32AM CST

I'm having a problem with Groupon, too. Bought a group for a mani-pedi in October and still can't use it. Whenever I call for an appointment it is not available for several weeks. Not comfortable with the provider at this point. Wrote grouoon about a dozen times and each time they tell me to try another appointment or to gift someone with it. Don't want to gift anyone with something they will have a problem using. Last message from them Dated DECEMBER 17, 2012

Hi Sally,

Thanks for your email and I apologize for any trouble. I'm sending this issue along to a customer support representative on our Resolutions team.

Thank you for your patience -- they will be in touch as soon as possible!



Groupon Customer Support


Lily P., 2013-01-16, 09:11AM CST

Groupon is one of the worst companies out there when it comes to customer "service". They don't even read your emails, they just deny to start with and you have to insist and waste time making your case. Good luck to you both, I know you'll need it!

sally t., 2013-01-16, 08:06PM CST

Finally given credit for this groupon, after promising to consult my attorney on the matter.

Seth M., 2013-01-17, 08:18AM CST

They promptly respond with exclamation points and a robotic, boilerplate approach but they never actually read your complaint and never actually respond. They just wear you down with their non-responses. It's hard to imagine a company with lousier customer service than Groupon.

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