Geico General Insurance Company - Auto Insurance Fraud

Posted on Saturday, December 8th, 2012 at 8:59am CST by Thomas L.

Product: Auto Insurance - California

Company: Geico General Insurance Company

Location: PO Box 509090 San Diego CA. 92150 2360 205th St. Torrance CA. 90501 One Geico Plaza Bethesda MD 20810


Category: Products, Services

GEICO added my daughter to my Auto Insurance Policy without my permission or knowledge. They canceled my Policy on Friday November 16th 2012 for non payment. I called them on Monday November 19th 2012 to make the payment and re-instate my policy. That's when they told me the Policy was canceled because I did not return some documents that they said they sent me. I told them I had not received any documents and had the agent email me a copy. The document he sent me was an ACCIDENT INFORMATION QUESTIONNAIRE. It already had the Policy number and an accident date of 06/02/10 filled in. The Driver other information was all blank. Since I have not had an accident I called back and asked what it was all about. Then they tell me it is for an accident that my daughter had while she was driving a rented vehicle. She was not and has never been on any of my policies and she bought insurance when she rented the car. My insurance had nothing to do with the accident and did not pay out on any claims. I started to ask the agent about the questionnaire then it dawned on me that there was no reason for them to be asking me anything about my daughter much less cancel my policy for not returning a document that I never received and they never had any business asking me for such information. That's when I found out they had added her to my policy. They could not tell me who added her or why. I informed them that she does not live with me and her license had been suspended for the past two years. I told them I didn't think they would add someone to a policy if they did not have a license and that it would be stupid for me to add her. I told them I would never put her on my policy and that if I had been asked I would have excluded her first. So they sent me an exclusion form which I completed and returned to them with an additional note demanding that they take her off the policy along with the unauthorized charges. Then I called them a third time to get my policy reinstated. They said they had to work up a new quote and would call me back in 15 minutes. When they called back and gave me the new quote I discovered that they did not remove $179.14 in unauthorized charges and they refused to do so forcing me to obtain a new policy elsewhere. I printed a copy of my account history which shows on it every time they send a letter, post a payment etc., yet strangely it does not show anything about sending the document that they said I never returned. It also seems strange that on 10/09/12 they adjusted the points on my policy and charged the $179.14 due to the additional driver Effective 10/10/12. Then they changed the driver information on 10/26/12 making it effective on 10/27/12. They canceled the policy on 11/16/12, I find about the unauthorized changes they made on 11/19/12 and on the same day they mail me a description of my coverage which shows my daughter as an additional driver and on 11/20/12 they send me a cancelation notice effective 11/16/12 and a bill for $85.63. By my calculations they owe me a refund of $89.51 over payment and they owe me a refund for the period from 11/16/12 to 01/19/13 that has already been paid for.


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