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Posted on Friday, December 7th, 2012 at 3:26am CST by richard b.

Company: The Picture People

Location: CONCORD, CA, US

Category: Products, Services

This was the worst photo session or business I have ever been to. The basic service was terrible, the Photographs were GARBAGE; the environment was dirty and uncomfortable, the staff was overworked and badmouthing of each other and management; a 1 hour expectation became a 4 hour torture. I will spend my efforts at keeping anyone (except my mortal enemies) away from this aweful business and waste of time!

Ok Facts:

Reason for photos: Holiday and Birthday pics

Visitors: 3 Adults; 1 year old boy and 3 year old girl

Appointment set for 12:00

Arrived at 11:45 and checked in.

Waited until 1:20 PM

So we were ignored upon arrival until my wife wandered around until someone was forced to deal with us. There were 6 families waiting without direction and all upset and talking about it.

We were brought to a computer and sat down around it and the guy started going through someone else's pictures and telling us the pricing and how to choose pics?!?!?! So I asked him what he was doing and we haven't even had our pictures yet so what we were doing. His response was "oh sorry, we are short-staffed and someone called in so we are behind." I asked him what that had to do with him showing us someone else's photos and ...

If you have kids and have gone the extent of getting clothing, outfits, taking the day off work, etc... then you know you want to leave but you can't; so we tried to stay patient and keep the kids in good spirits (like the other upset families around us).

Finally Sam, our "photographer" (I'm not really sure if he really was a photographer though) brought us into room 3 and then asked us what our plan was for the shoot. We told him xmas shots and 1st birthday (for our boy) and 3rd birthday (for our girl). He said "Ok" while he fumbled with his camera and just stood there uninterested and obviously not caring about our session.

My wife and I made attempts at questioning for props and background changes (The ones that you see in their advertising - Xmas presents, Trees, Numbers, stuff for the kids to have around them) and he excused the lack of equipment and again blew it off.

We tried to keep pushing through with the kids and found a single Block with numbers/letters and then were able to get the birthday shots and looked good (shots from my Iphone looked pretty good -so you'd think the guy with the fancy camera would be ok right!?!?)

Let me mention also that Sam, the photographer was by himself and had no one to help him keep the kids focusing on the camera, and did not even direct us to do so--We had to take over the session to try to help the pictures come out.

Throughout the session, Sam kept checking his camera like the batteries were not working or it he didn't understand the camera. (I have alot of experience with Professional photographers and studios over 30 years).

Once the session was finished then we were told to wait again for an hour and numerous times checked with sales associates and were given different excuses and bad-talking about the company and coworkers. At no time was a manager available, they were always on break or out of the store. No one was controlling this mess.

Finally we saw the pictures on the screen and a girl who had been working there for 1.5 months tried her best ot help us through this. The 40 minutes of continuous pictures translated to about 30 TERRIBLE PICTURES! The heads were cut off, the pictures were not in focus, There were No Birthday shots for my daughter, The few pictures of the kids with the single block prop we found were not even there--Grandma pics with kids were not there!!! He snapped at least 20-30 pics for xmas shots, the same for boy birthday and girl birthday. We were told "It is up to the photographer to go throughthe pics and edit out the poics with people's eyes closed and other bad picture qualities."

My wife and Grandma were so upset they left in tears and I was left to try to deal with the management. What a joke. There was no manager and the sales girl had no authority to help us or even know what was going on. I had to call back 6 times to try to get someone and finally got to talk to a Manager named Torre or Tory? She was unable to help in anyway and did not investigate or help with the problems. I requested corporate numbers or upper management contact info from numerous people there and he manager and was given 6 different bogus numbers. Even the manager Torre gave me 4 different numbers and I called them as she was on the phone with me and they were to Industrial warehouses, tech companies, etc... The manager told me that she was directly in contact with her "Area manager named Toshina or Tosheena?" and Toshina was supposed to be calling me.

I never received a phone call, email or communication.


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