TRANE - TRANE furnace defective

Posted on Friday, December 7th, 2012 at 12:52pm CST by Kate A.

Product: TRANE energy efficient furnace

Company: TRANE

Location: US


Category: Home, Garden

Five years ago today, I bought a 95% energy efficient furnace from TRANE. Last year the blower motor had to be replaced. Today the inspector says the heat exchange unit is cracked in all five chambers AND the blower motor is dying again. The heat exchanger will cost $800 to replace, even though the furnace is still under warranty (for one more month!). When the blower motor dies again that will be another $600 or so. The inspector/ repair guy says he has seen this problem many times with TRANE furnaces, sometimes after only a year or two and he would not have one in his house.


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