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Posted on Thursday, December 6th, 2012 at 2:36pm CST by 35c47c23

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I purchased six Black Star Rust Converter five gallon pails from Best Supply Company. I tried to return three unopened pails but was told there was a 30 day refund policy which was not shown on my invoice and per the website they advertise satisfaction guaranteed. I used three gallons of the Black Star Rust Converter which was supposed to convert the rust to a hard resin and turn the color black. When I applied the rust converter to a pipe fence it turned beige/grey. When I contacted the supplier they told me to use it as a primer and then paint over it with black. I could have easily purchased a much cheaper primer and paint. The total cost of all six five gallon pails was $1,854, which I was only requesting $927.00 back.

Had I known in the first place the product was not going to work as told by the representative and website I would not have purchased the product at all. All the pictures I was shown turned the rust to jet black. This never happened on my fence. I did not need the remaining three pails because the first three did not work as advertised and told by the representative.

Per the representative I was told there was a 30 day refund but as I mentioned above this was not noted on any paperwork I had. We had to wait to use the product because of the weather were we live but once we applied the product and noticed it was not working we called Best Supply Co. to let them know and told them we wanted to return three unopened pails. They are unwilling to accept the three unopened pails and told us to keep it for something else we need to paint. Why would I use it a second time when it did not work the first time? The bottom line is their product that they warrant did not work as advertised and explained by the representative.


Business Reply  Best S., 2013-01-30, 02:55PM CST

I am Steve Salas, and I am the VP of sales for Best Supply Co. I am aware of this customer and their concerns, and in fact handled this order personally. Unfortunately, the only accurate portion of the complaint is that they purchased six 5 gal. pails of the Black Star Rust Converter.The rest is quite inaccurate.Product was purchased in April of 2012. we have a 30 day return policy which is plainly stated on our website. Customer called in SEPTEMBER and advised that they used 3 of the six pails, it worked well , but they wanted to return the remaining 3 pails. As this is well past our return policy, the return was not authorized. This customer is a property mgt company with a large steel fence that was rusting. This Complaint has been made by the office mgr & not the property mgr.Even their own credit card company did not grant them a refund once the facts came out. Our return policy is plainly stated on our website & all invoicing. The property mgr wanted to get rid of the rust as economically as possible, without going to the labor expense of sanding & grinding the rust off the fence, then priming & then painting the fence.He was advised how the Black Star works and how the product converts existing rust to a polymeric resin(which it did as confirmed by the property mgr) which will then act as a primer for any oil based paint.As per the Property Mgr on site- Black Star worked exactly as advertised & advised. Evidently the property mgr miscalculated how many gallons he needed & over bought, so the office mgr. attempted to return the remaining product ALMOST 6 MONTHS LATER. Had he called us 3-4 or even SIX weeks after receipt of product, we would have granted the return with no issue as long as the seals remained intact. Black Star, developed and sold nationally since 1989, is in use by the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Navy, Cruise Lines, Hundreds of municipalities and thousands of businesses such as farmers, auto body shops and marinas nationwide. We have an excellent reputation for both our products & customer service. Feel free to contact me regarding any aspect of this information. Should this customer continue to post untrue statements, we may have no recourse but to file suit for defamation.

a9a1caaa, 2014-04-26, 05:05PM CDT

well here your start will not buy your product because of this review maybe after you prove him wrong . but i see his point to not opened 30 days or not you should have takin the unopen back wall mart backs there stuff better

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