eBay.com - Ebay tries to gouge purchasers

Posted on Thursday, December 6th, 2012 at 6:04pm CST by James E. F.

Company: eBay.com

Location: US

Category: Online Shopping

I looked at an item for sale on eBay and found I had to "commit to buy" to find out the shipping charges. These charges were much higher than at any other site for the same item. Then eBay claims I cannot cancel this order. This makes no sense to me. Ebay has lost yet another customer.


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Robert Allyn L., 2012-12-07, 08:54AM CST


E bay doesn't set the shipping price.

There is a very easy way to get shipping cost in the listing or by asking the seller a question.

You should really get a person familiar with the E bay t show you...

rayan l., 2013-01-15, 05:05PM CST

Well, you need to ask from the seller or customer services of ebay why the charges are higher? OR use a new way <a href="http://www.irateislate.co.uk">register your complain</a> and get help easily.

04104327, 2012-12-30, 07:48AM CST

Ebay is an AWFUL, HORRIBLE and EXTREMELY BAD online company. It knowingly allows sellers to commit postal fraud. I bought some items from some sellers in China and Hong Kong, the sellers completed the China custom form by noting on the package that it was a "gift." I had paid for the item and it wasn't being sent to me as a gift at all. I notified Ebay that the sellers were doing that and their response was that they can't police everyone. One can easily find on Ebay that many sellers in China post on their Ebay sale auction that they will send the package as gift and yet Ebay allows such illegal actions of those sellers. Ebay is an unethical company. I can't believe why it is in business. It is simply a crap shoot.

Then Ebay has EXTREMELY poor customer service. They have no email address set up where one can email them any customer service inquiry. Even if I can find some email address to email them, they don't reply. Most of the time they send a buyer or seller an email but there isn't even an option to reply to that email. One feels totally helpless to not be able to reply to them. They have a phone number to call for some customer service and 99.9% of the time those people answering the phones have no idea what they are saying. Most of the time I called them they totally couldn't address my concern and they told me that someone would call me back, but nobody ever does.

One time, a seller sent me defective item worth around $57, so I notified him and he agreed to send me another working item. This time he sent me the item without a handle even. I refused to keep both since one wasn't working and the other was missing a handle and asked him to take both back and pay for the return shipping since you can imagine sending two vacuum cleaners would cost me around $60 in shipping cost. It wasn't my fault that he sent two problematic items. The seller refused to pay for return shipping. I filed the Ebay Buyer Protection case and they are more ridiculous than anybody. They sided with the fraud seller and wanted me to pay about $60 in return shipping from my pocket to send the items to the seller. Then, though I had paid around $57 for the item, they wanted the seller to credit me back only $38. They wanted me to lose my $19 for the shipping charges that I had paid to get the item. It was unbelievable.

I called and explained the whole situation to the Ebay and the idiots working for Ebay didn't understand a thing that how is it unfair for me to pay for return shipping when the seller sent me two problematic vacuums. The seller admitted to me that he buys the defective and store returned items and was selling them on Ebay as working and used items. That is fraud. He fools innocent people.

I refused to pay $60 in shipping cost to get a $38 of my paid $57. I got stuck with not working vacuums and lost $57 thanks to stupid people at Ebay. Their Buyer Protection program is NO GOOD. They have NO consistent policies that they themselves follow.


10d4bfff, 2013-06-15, 02:31AM CDT

you do realize the international sellers marking "gift" on the customs form are saving "you" money...if it was marked "merchandise" you would have to pay tax and duty fees

04104327, 2013-06-16, 03:24AM CDT

Many sellers on Ebay from China and Ebay are knowingly being unethical. If the seller from China would put "merchandise" then that would be right. I have received items from China that I bought through Ebay and the sellers in some instances did not mark the package as "gift" and I was not charged any US custom fees for it.

Ebay is a corrupt company!

04104327, 2015-04-25, 04:34PM CDT

Robert, you missed understanding my post and somehow mistakenly think that it has to do with shipping when it is about a seller selling and sending defective items and me having to pay for return shipping and get less refund of my money than what I originally paid.

And, it is not okay for any seller to violate US custom laws in the name of profit or saving a buyer some money. Ebay clearly seem to be looking the other way allowing unethical sellers to violate the law.

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