Funio (Iweb) - Abusing not informed consumers

Posted on Thursday, December 6th, 2012 at 12:53pm CST by Frank C.

Product: Hosting

Company: Funio (Iweb)

Location: 20 Place du commerce ?le des Soeurs, Montr?al (Qu?bec) Canada H3E 1Z6


Category: Internet Services

First of all , this business is really suspicious because they operate on 2 different names : Funio and Iweb

Here is an other complaint about them :

This company abuse the fact that most consummers don't really know something about web. I'm a webmaster and it's the third time I must transfer a domain from them to somewhere else (Because their cpanel really **cks! We can't use subdomains and use a mask on them).

Transfering a domain is REALLY , REALLY hard. We have to send them a copie of an ID card : With all personnal informations on it.And THEY CHARGE for it !! 15$ is not so much , but it's only the matter of this is not ethical.

After all this, I took few weeks before we could transfer finally the domain.

Their phone support is really bad... Their responsive time for email is way too long. Seriously, these guys are stealing from people... (it's also really hard to get them stop taking the money from your credit card).

There is so much other domain provider and web hosters... don't get involve with them.


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